How To Prevent Yourself From Insulin Resistance?

Asked on June 27, 2014
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And many other factors play crucial role there.

Insulin resistance generally coexists with obesity;reasons behind this are complex and controversial.Sedentary lifestyle increases the risks of insulin resistance. Study says that vigorous exercise once a week can reduce the risks of type2 diabetes in woman by 33%. Lack of exercise reduces muscles ability to use insulin. Carbohydrate, fat and protein rich diet can cause harm to affected patients so there use should be reduced in the diet. People suffering from this should not include white rice or artificial sweeteners in their diet. Vegetable should be cooked lightly with very little amount of oil.Cucumber, cabbage, turnips, mushroom, cauliflower, radish and garlic should be used regularly in the diet. Nuts like cashews, walnuts and almonds can be taken. Protect from Diabetes

Most of the cases of this disorder remain unnoticed. Hereditary component is clearly involved in this. Insulin resistance facts should be known to people so that they can prevent themselves from this chronic disorder on the right time by taking some preventive measures. insulin resistance animated video is a better and easy to grasp method in making people aware about this.

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