Have you reached your potential?

Answered on August 21, 2013
Created August 20, 2013 at 6:07 PM

I am constantly tweaking my diet and exercise to continue to reach my goals. Is everyone continually searching for ways to improve or increase their performance? Or, does anyone out there feel they have reached their full potential and if so, how do you know?

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2 Answers


on August 21, 2013
at 12:25 AM

Thats a good question. I am about to turn 34, and am stronger and in better shape than at any point in my life. I am still improving in the things I am passionate about: rock climbing, heavy lifting, snowboarding, and steep mountain hiking. Have I arrived? No. Is my improvement slowing? Yes. But that is with any endeavor. Just ask Usain Bolt, when you are at an elite level, progress slows dramatically.


on August 20, 2013
at 11:22 PM

I think it's the mark of great soul to always want to be better. I hope the day never comes when I settle and say 'good enough.'

Pragmatically, the more you train and the better you get at a skill, the harder it will be to progress to the next level. Strength gains or faster times will be more difficult. But with smart programming and nutrition tweaks, you can bust plateaus, but it will probably take longer.

Also, age is a factor (but not an excuse).

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