Eggs and Acne relation

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 17, 2012 at 7:07 PM

Going paleo/primal kinda sets you free to eat all the eggs you want in the world. I've had my days of 5 boiled eggs a day, many eat them for breakfast.. But, have you ever noticed an eggs-acne connection? When I eat them eggs, my chicks tingle a bit. I'm experimenting on cutting them off completely to see what works for me. I also found that stone fruits (mango, nectarine - fruits with large nut inside of em) causes same tingling in my lips. That tingling is bad irritation.

Your thoughts on the subject? Anyone cut eggs and won free skin?

BTW - I'm supplementing with zinc, Vit-D, probiotics, O-3, cleanse myself with nothing but water (great improvement) for over a month, dairy free for over year an a half (massive improvement), cut fluoride completely, experimented with cutting nightshades (no massive improvement).. and that's about it.

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6 Answers



on July 17, 2012
at 07:50 PM

You can try just eating the yolk to see if you get the same tingling sensation. Sometimes the proteins in the whites cause problems for people. As with all foods and sensitivities, YOUR reaction is what is important here. If a food causes problems, don't eat it.



on July 18, 2012
at 03:32 PM

Your reaction to eggs largely depends on what the chicken ate.

I've eaten the same eggs since I started paleo and have never broken out from them. Two weeks ago, I did not have access to those eggs, so I bought a comparable brand. I broke out, and am still breaking out, even though I finished the last couple eggs a few days ago. I had the same reaction months ago when I ate a couple hard-boiled eggs from my work location; again, a different brand with different feed.

I'm not saying that all eggs won't cause acne for you, but where they come from and what they are fed makes a massive difference in how your body reacts to eating them.


on July 18, 2012
at 03:34 AM

yes i do, especially omega3 fortified eggs- those give me cystic acne.


on August 21, 2013
at 10:45 AM

read this article to know more about egg and acne relation




on June 12, 2013
at 04:48 PM

All kinds of eggs give me acne, at first I couldn't believe it but I decided to stop eating eggs for 2 months and my skin was free of acne and clear...so then after the two months I ate an egg and BAM I got a huge zit!



on July 18, 2012
at 03:54 AM

Egg allergies and sensitivities are fairly common. Lot of discussions at acne forums of how they cause breakouts.

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