Do you have a daily menu?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 14, 2010 at 8:48 AM

I'm curious about how consistent peoples' daily meals are. It seems like the Primal Blueprint camp is into colorful, varied paleo cooking experiments, while other paleo people are more about sticking to a few caveman staples.

I eat 1.5-2lb of chuck steak a day, though lately I've been adding a little salmon. Used to eat salad, dairy and nuts, but that's been declining recently.

What do you eat?



on October 18, 2011
at 07:46 PM

Some kind of dead animal and starch. Beyond that, salt and pepper

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10 Answers



on February 15, 2010
at 05:18 PM

Breakfast = scrambled eggs with chicken sausage, onion, and feta

Lunch = chicken sausage (or another left-over meat) over mixed greens with homemade sauerkraut

Dinner = broiled fish (or beef or chicken) and green veggie (or homemade veggie soup)

Snacks = nuts, nut butter, raw cheeses



on February 14, 2010
at 09:23 AM

I often go through phases of eating lots of a small number of foods, just as a matter of simplicity and convenience. It also makes it easy to know what I'm eating- I can plug in my broad program into NutritionData.com and know more or less what nutrients I'm getting without thinking.

I also often alter different staples having heard of different costs/benefits, for example switching between coconut and butter/cream, the more I read about MCT being insulinemic or long-chain SFA causing physiological insulin resistance. (Sounds a bother, but I enjoy tweaking ;))

At present a staple of my diet is 500g+ beef/pork mince stewed with a can of spinach or seived tomato (bolognese style). Covers a host of nutritional bases for meat+veg in one pot. Ideal if I'm IFing and cooking just one meal.



on February 15, 2010
at 02:55 PM

My husband and I both love cooking and variety, and given the breadth of foods that are paleo-friendly, I don't see any reason for food to be boring. Some basic cooking techniques and a well-stocked spice rack means that a simple shopping list doesn't mean boring food. We buy meat from the grocery store based partially on what's on sale (not enough $$ in the bank for fancy stuff) and heavily raid the produce section and the local farmer's market. This means the combinations are always changing. Neither of us are big on plain salads, so there's a lot of other veggies on the plate.

By meal: Breakfast is frequently an egg scramble of some sort. We add meat, a bit of cheese, coconut milk, maybe some salsa. If I'm short on time, I'll go for leftovers just to get my belly filled before work. On weekends, crustless quiches are lovely and make good use of leftovers.

Lunch: I generally skip this, due to my work schedule, but I keep some homemade jerky in my desk in case I get hungry. I generally don't, though, since breakfast was pretty protein-heavy.

Dinner: varies widely. Meat of some sort (anything from a whole chicken to a cut of beef to a pork roast to fish) and at least one vegetable, sometimes two. The veggie depends on what was in season and looked tasty. We've been trying lots of new stuff, too, to make sure we don't have any 'holes' nutritionally. Who knew beet greens were so delicious?



on February 14, 2010
at 09:36 AM

Breakfast and lunch options can always be found in the house, (eggs, tomatoes, smoked beef, canned tuna, avocado etc). For dinner we usually plan the next couple of days ahead. 'The plan' can be "we'll do something with this kohlrabi", a favorite or trying a new recipe. I like a bit of variety.

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on July 06, 2013
at 05:28 PM

For me one of the hardest parts of going paleo was trying to figure out a paleo diet meal plan. It seemed like everyday I was eating the same thing. (I was really just eating what I knew how to make). I kept messing up and was really pushing the bounds of 80/20. I mean it is real hard to eat paleo everyday. Especially when you are not at home. The first thing that helped was googling different paleo recipes, and making my own weekly meal plans but that quickly got old. To much time in the kitchen. Then a friend turned me onto a paleo diet meal delivery service. It really the only way I am able to stay paleo :)



on October 18, 2011
at 07:31 PM

I used to be more into varying my diet, but lately things have fallen into a routine. I contribute this to first finding out about paleo, and trying to learn as many dishes as I can, and then lately sticking to the ones I like the most or are the most convenient for me.

IF daily - 16/8, so breakfast is usually skipped, although I will have a coffee w/ some a teaspoon of coconut oil.


Lunch: varies based on free lunch from work, this is usually a cobb salad / or some big salad w/ either a protein, plus bacon, avocado, tomato, cucumber, onions. If not a salad, sometimes a red curry dish or 1/2 roasted chicken.

Dinner: Grass Fed Beef Steak w/ green veggies (spinach, chard, collard greens), sometimes w/ a potato. Also do a chili once a week, one day I do salad w/ some sorta fish.


Lunch: Egg omellete w/ cottage cheese and lots of veggies.

Dinner: Same as during the week, or if we go out to eat, might eat pork chops, duck, sashimi.


if I have a snack, which i try not to, I go for mac nuts, coconut flakes, coconut milk w/ berries, greek full fat yogurt w/ berries, organic beef/bison jerky.



on October 18, 2011
at 04:47 PM

Breakfast: egg yolks, 3 Tbsp Ghee, 500g ground beef

Lunch: Sorrel/Spinach/Cabbage with bacon/ham, 3 Tbsp lard

Dinner: tuna/cod liver/organs, bone broth

Snack: brazil nut, kohlrabi (raw), pork rind



on February 16, 2010
at 03:46 AM

Weekdays are mostly planned, but by the week. I prep all my meat in serving-sized vacuum pack bags and freeze it and portion out the veges (along with seasonings and a generous pat of grass-fed butter) in vacuum packs. This allows each day's meals to be a bit spontaneous without requiring daily prep. Breakfast is a bit more static than lunch or dinner, usually consisting of boiled eggs and salad.

Weekends are tougher, as I dine out a lot. It's a work in progress.



on February 15, 2010
at 02:19 PM

Typically I eat fish for 2 out of the 3 meals per day (when at home). Canned sardines are one of my favorites. I usually pair that with a single serving of fruit. I fill the remaining hunger gap with vegetables. Although recently I have been trying to employ the concept of Hara hachi bu (Eat until 80% full) and Intermittent Fasting. The one- two punch of those two concepts leaned me out considerably in a matter of a couple weeks. I have dropped nuts and seeds from my diet. At one point, they probably represented 50% of my daily caloric intake.


on February 14, 2010
at 03:27 PM

My breakfast and lunch while at work during the week is pretty consistent. Mainly, this is because it is cheaper for me to buy a few items in bulk at CostCo.

Typically my breakfast includes turkey meat, pecans-almonds-walnuts,coconut/almond milk, and carrots. My lunch will include diced chicken, carrots, broccoli, pecans-almonds-walnuts, and dark chocolate.

Since my dinners can tend to be a toss up depending on what my non-paleo fiance wants to eat, I try to keep my other meals very consistent.

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