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Answered on February 25, 2014
Created February 25, 2014 at 7:31 PM

I have IBS, Acid reflux, Anemia, Gastritis and a family history of Crohn's disease. (though I have not been diagnosed with Crohn's myself) I listed all these things because I wonder if they are related.

Within two years, I've put on close to 40 pounds and struggle with digesting certain foods. I'm wondering if PALEO is right for me to help me lose weight and also have less pain after eating. I have trouble with some of the "good foods" like nuts (almonds in particular) or any type of ruffage. My primary care doctor wants me to eat more fresh fruits and veggies, but I've found that raw peppers, apples, anything with skins bother me, though I love eating them. My gastro doctor who sees me because of my family history of Crohn's wanted me to see a food allergist but this is phenomenally expensive.

I've also had a dairy intolerance for seven years. Though I don't have an allergy, if I have dairy on a regular basis (typically cheese, as I do not drink cow's milk) it feels like something gets stuck in my right side, kind of near where the Gall Bladder is. I've basically stopped eating fried foods and chips, because I know this aggravates the gall bladder, but I'm so frustrated with what I can and can't eat that I am just really open to any ideas on how to manage this holistically. The only actual food allergy that I know for sure I have is to mangoes. If I eat them, my lips bubble up, but other than that and the difficulty digesting dairy, I'm not aware of any allergies. I have been tested for celiac three times, and that has always come back negative, but I hardly eat wheat anyway because of the carbs.

As you can see, I am frustrated with food, and lately, though I have a normal hunger for food, around lunch and dinner time, I eat a little and I feel full. (I typically have oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast with chia seeds and flax. (though I'm wondering if I should cut out the seeds like I've had to cut out nuts)

What do people recommend to help get my digestive system on track, and do you think Paleo is right for me?

Thank you for your help!

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on February 25, 2014
at 08:43 PM

I have found my own personal brand of paleo that works well. Feeling better, able to be more active, and generally digesting better and experiencing better bowel regularity and less digestive distress.

One thing I've noticed is that too much fat makes me feel really full and lose my appetite and often end up with too few calories, but other than that I feel great on a high fat diet, so that may not be a problem if you're over weight. I tend to be around 50-55% fat with about 30% from carbs and just a little protein. You could eat a lot more fat if your gut is okay with it.

The only nuts I eat anymore are macadamias. On occasion I'll have a couple of some other kind.

You don't need much roughage in your diet. I have the same problem. I absolutely love a good fresh salad but my gut complains for 1-3 days after it, so I keep it to a low nibble. I basically avoid an excess of any raw, highly fibrous veggies but do okay with most of them cooked and in moderation. To get sufficient folate eat chicken liver and to get sufficient vitamin K eat fermented foods and aged cheese.

Ultimately, what works for you will be a little different than what works for me. You have to experiment. The main thing is to cut out most grains, processed foods, and omega 6 fatty acids. Eat real food. Try tracking your nutrients on cronometer.com to see where you could use some work. It will take time but I'm pretty certain paleo will help you in the end.

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