diet: constant or change?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 23, 2013 at 7:06 PM

Do you eat the same foods or macro ratios every day, or change things around? And how often?

In terms of overall food intake (by calories, if you like) I think it's good to vary your intake, some days eating more to boost metabolism, some days eating less to burn fat. Also I think it's good to vary the foods you eat to make it easier to cover all nutrients without overdosing, although I guess a more constant diet is easier if you're on a tight budget. Do you agree? What about macros, is it a good idea to vary your protein/carb/fat intake from day to day?

I guess this question could apply to exercise and lifestyle as well, but more specific questions seem to be preferred so I kept it to diet.

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3 Answers



on March 31, 2013
at 04:37 AM

I've settled into a 2-day cycle. One day I eat fruit, low-carb salad and as much meat as I want. Day 2 is a "veggie roast" with carrots and other colorful veggies baked with butter; I frequently bake a potato and top it with the veggie roast. I also eat fruit with it.

There are exceptions too. On busy days I may not eat at all and I find I'm no more hungry than usual the next day. Other times I may have a social event and splurge with a higher sugar level for the day due to something like jello or soda.

On my meat days, beef would be 75% and the other days are tuna, salmon, chicken or eggs.


on March 23, 2013
at 11:03 PM

i agree with the reasons you listed as well as-i think its wise to constantly change things up..with exercise as well as foods and macros and caloric intake. The more variety the better. Most plants have toxicity so rotating them prevents same toxins from accumulating. Besides that i get sick and bored of same foods- that goes for flavourings and spices as well. :) As far as exercise - if you dont do different things your body gets used to same activities and upregulates so to speak. EVerything works till it stops working so shocking your body by introducing new and varied movements and exercises keeps your body on its toes.. lol. :)



on March 23, 2013
at 10:17 PM

My calories vary a whole bunch, anywhere from 600-4000, according to my hunger. I'm just interested in maintaining my weight, not gaining or losing. I wouldn't mind improving body composition, I guess, and I do push-ups every day, but it's not something I really work at.

What I eat doesn't vary a whole lot, except for some vegetables that shift in and out of season. I mostly eat a rotation of salmon, shellfish, bison meat/organs and eggs. Sometimes I'll throw in a duck or a chicken.

I don't really eat fruit except in the summer, when I gorge on cherries, berries and peaches and nectarines as they come into season. Stomachache every year, and totally worth it every year.

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