Did my Paleo Diet give me lupus?

Answered on August 29, 2014
Created August 22, 2014 at 1:35 PM

I started the Paleo Diet about 2 and a half years ago. Before I was close, only difference was for breakfast I would have Kashi cereal or oatmeal soaked overnight. But as I mentioned I started the Paleo Diet. 3 months after I started I developed a small red patch on my forehead that slowly grew. At first I didn???t think much of it, but it got larger and I went to a dermatologist and was diagnosed with Rosacea. However, it grew and one day how it presented changed and they did a biopsy. The diagnosis was changed to Lupus Dermatitis. My point of this post is a few days ago I was traveling for work for over 36 hours in and out of various airports. Out of desperation in the middle of the night where no one was selling anything fresh like fruit I caved and got a slice of cheese pizza. I went to sleep and when I woke up my Lupus was barely noticeable. Most of the time it???s red and obvious, at least to me. Now I wonder if I???m deficient in something in my diet that was in the bread. I???ve started eating Kashi cereal again with goats milk and I???m watching it disappear on my face for the past week. Before my typical day would involve steamed vegetables for breakfast, two or three different types that are either, brussels sprouts, okra, green beans, or broccoli. I would combine that with one of several different meats either cooked ground beef, buffalo, lamb, turkey, ham steak, or bacon. I also drink a small glass of Beet Kvass I make at home. Lunch either included a baked sweet potato if I had exercised or not. A salad which was about a cup of raw kale, spinach, or a kale/spinach combination with romaine lettuce and Sardines in extra virgin olive oil and about a 1/5 of a stick of beef liverwurst or headcheese from US Wellness Meats. Dinner was about one and a half cup of the above mentioned vegetables. Either some meat/organ. Most of what I cooked is either cooked in homemade Ghee, Coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil that is bottle within a year. I do sometimes bake with olive oil but at low temps, I.E. chicken cooked with olive oil at 225 for longer. Before bed I also have a few spoonfuls of concentrated bone broth from US Wellness since I can???t find grass fed bones around me to make my own broth. Everything is organic or grass fed. I want to know what I may be deficient in my diet. I thought I have my bases well covered.

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on August 24, 2014
at 11:24 AM

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5 Answers


on August 22, 2014
at 02:06 PM

Correlation does not equal causation; two things happening at the same time doesn't mean one caused the other. It might not have anything to do with your diet at all.



on August 22, 2014
at 02:20 PM

Thanks for adding nothing to the conversation.  By the way do you go around posting this same comment for people that say the positive outcomes they have?



on August 22, 2014
at 09:02 PM

  • No way! I have had systemic Lupus for 10 yrs. The paleo diet is the perfect diet for Autoimmune disease. It must be a complete coincidence or you are sensitive to something you are eating while eating paleo. Unfortunately there is not much nutrition in that pizza or even the cereal. I sure wish there was. I would go back to the Paleo and see what happens! Good luck with your Lupus and watch your sun exposure!


on August 22, 2014
at 10:49 PM

@ArrieS I don't understand why you're so upset at my answer. You're basing your question on the premise that Paleo (or a "healthy" diet) heals Lupus. This has not been clinically confirmed (or rejected) therefore there might be no relation between your Lupus and what you are eating, which means you might not even have a reason to stress over in the first place.



on August 22, 2014
at 11:04 PM

@TheGastronomer  First, wrong my questions was based around nutrition.  "I want to know what I may be deficient in my diet."  Not Paleo diet healing lupus.  As I stated it presented about two months after the Paleo diet.

Second, where you state "This has not been clinically confirmed (or rejected) therefore there might be no relation between your Lupus and what you are eating," shows your statement really states nothing at all, I.E. I can niether comfirm nor deny.

Third, "Correlation does not equal causation" that's why you investigate further, please note at the bottom where I stated my lupus was getting better with in reintroduction of none-approved paleo foods after two years of being on the paleo diet.

Last, what is the biggest saying for the Paleo diet, if not one of the biggest, it starts with food!


on August 22, 2014
at 11:21 PM

@ArrieS I assume you have very little education in the fields of science and mathematics and therefore logic and reasoning eludes you. I will explain in simpler terms.

Firstly, if something has not been tested, it cannot be confirmed or denied, example: "aliens have seven fingers" is a statement that cannot be confirmed or denied, since it cannot be tested. Since no research (testing) has been done on Lupus regarding specific diet interventions that might cure it, there's no way to confirm or deny that diet has an impact. This is the basis of the scientific method, but it seems your education is lacking in this regard.

Secondly, there's no way to know if you are deficient in something unless you get blood work for it, once again, testing is needed to confirm this, otherwise all you have is a hypothesis.

And lastly, it is not all about the food, many things about your body have nothing to do with food. Example: genetics. You cannot change certain genetic traits about yourself, like eye color, hair color, height, and in many cases, genetic diseases. So you could eat as healthy as you like but if somehting else is causing your disease, the food will not fix anything.



on August 29, 2014
at 01:55 AM

"Before I was close, only difference was for breakfast I would have Kashi cereal or oatmeal soaked overnight". 

So, what you're saying is the lack of Kashi or oatmeal for breakfast caused your lupus?  I hardly think so, since you were probably eating kashi and oatmeal for many years before, perhaps the damage from these grains finally caught up to you, coincidentally shortly after you changed your diet.

I would try adding back in "safe" starches that will provide you with some resistant starch and see how you do. 

Maybe you're not eating enough calories or fat.  How do you know it wasn't the fat in pizza and even the little bit in oats and kashi that are making your rash fade????


on August 23, 2014
at 02:30 AM

Sounds like you might need some resistant starches. (e.g. green bananas, cooked, then cooled white rice and white potatoes. *skip potatoes if nightshades are an issue*). The breads you used to eat, especially non-whole grain white bread or pizza crust, were forms of non-paleo resistant starches.

From my reading, after too long on paleo without including resistant starches to feed several strains of your microbiota, those strains dwindle and die off and could open your immune system up to attack on several fronts.



on August 22, 2014
at 11:22 PM

If the rash was due to lack of betain, thiamin, mgnesium, or if it was due to too mny particular lectins in your restricted choice of vegetables, then a pizza would have helped. I consider the whole solanaceae, except for potatoes, just one step below gluten.


on August 22, 2014
at 09:15 PM

I would not say the diet was the reason for the lupus. You had the rash before starting the diet. If anything you may have a vitamn defitionancy. From what you said about what you eat without the cereal and milk. I would say you need more starches. Of course you could eat more if we went threw a week of what you ate. I have heard of some on the paleo diet hit a point. Normally around the 2 year mark. Were they start feeling hungry and get sick. Which only they need more starchy veggies put in there diet. If it was me I would stop the cereal and milk for about two week. See how my body does. Then add just the milk or cereal for a week or two. See how your bodies does. Then add the other, but stop the other. I would also write it all down in a journal. What you ate and how you feel and look each day. If you notice a change. Take your butt and the journal to your doctor and see what he or she has to say.

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