Could someone clarify this statement?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 08, 2011 at 4:21 PM

High-Meat, Low-Carbohydrate Diet in Pregnancy http://hyper.ahajournals.org/cgi/content/short/38/6/1282

"These associations may reflect the metabolic stress imposed on the mother by an unbalanced diet in which high intakes of essential amino acids are not accompanied by the nutrients required to utilize them."

Are we just talking the usual vitamins and minerals here? What nutrients aren't in the meat itself that is needed for utilization? Is this the "only lean meat" i.e. "faileo" issue?


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on February 08, 2011
at 04:37 PM

There seems to be some evidence that vitamin A is needed in adequate amount for proper protein utilization. From Chris Masterjohn ( http://www.naturalhealingtools.com/menshealth-vitaminatheforgottenbodybuildingnutrient.aspx ):

The utilization of protein requires vitamin A. Several animal studies have shown that liver reserves of vitamin A are depleted by a high dietary intake of protein, while vitamin A increases in non-liver tissues. One explanation for this is that adequate protein is necessary for vitamin A transport. In one study researchers fed radioactively-labeled vitamin A to rats on low-protein and high-protein diets, using the amount of radioactivity present in exhaled gases, urine and feces as a measure of the metabolism of vitamin A, and found that vitamin A is indeed used at a higher rate on a high-protein diet.6

Vitamin A is not only depleted by a high intake of protein, but it is also necessary for the synthesis of new protein, which is the goal of the bodybuilder. Rats fed diets deficient in vitamin A synthesize protein at a lower rate than rats fed adequate vitamin A.7 Cultured skeletal muscle cells increase the amount of protein per cell when exposed to vitamin A and D, but not when exposed to vitamin D alone.

Eat liver once in a blue moon and the problem is fixed.



on February 08, 2011
at 06:17 PM

Also, consider the source: the American Heart Association. They are sponsored, and thus get much of their funding from, companies like Wendy's, Coca-Cola, and Hershey's. If they blasted high-carbohydrate diets, they'd lose their funding for further "research". The AHA also encourages the consumption of sweets, jams, and gummies -- as long as they are low fat.


on February 08, 2011
at 04:29 PM

amino acids are absorbable all by themselves...

it appears to be an example of an assumption of SAD stated as a medical fact explaining a hypothesis from weak data.

its survey based uncontrolled science, were the red meat women eating grass fed steaks or slim-jims? so many useless factors. But that statement, nutrients required to utilize them, is part of SAD assumption that the body cannot process without Carbs. really sad.

If they wanted to suggest nutrient deficiencies, maybe...lean meat does leave a little to be desired... thats why we eat the fatty meat etc.

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