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Answered on September 10, 2013
Created September 10, 2013 at 3:31 PM

I'm not about to abandon PaleoHacks. I've learned much and benefited greatly from this community. The number of active members who truly understand the science of the body and diet is refreshing and stimulating.

However, sometimes when my questions go beyond the bounds of your typical Paleo realm, I get mocked and ridiculed as orthorexic, or worse from people lacking vocabulary. It's not all about "did cave man eat X?" and a minority of PaleoHackers seem to understand this.

It can be difficult to get active discussion on things like the toxicity of seeds from berries after blending them. Berry seeds are supposed to pass through our bodies undigested. What's so crazy about worrying about breaking up the seeds in a blender? Where can I have rational discussion on topics just beyond the scope of Paleo without being ridiculed?

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on September 10, 2013
at 07:24 PM


I've being checking this forum today, seems interesting, in regards to your question, I also being searching for these type of pages, and really I have not found any generic one, still you can find several on specific seeds (chia, poppy,etc).

Going on the Science part, every seed intention is to sprout, hence they have several methods to allow them such success, some have some slimy cover to pass strait in the animal (including us) digestive system, some are so hard that the same thing happens, still the substance required for these seeds to grow can be poisonous In high quantities for example, it is very common to drink Jasmine tea, but the berries are poison.

I do think that just do a quick search for poisonous plants, that should clear your doubts.

Let me leave you with some examples:

Strawberries: all green parts can be use as mild laxative in the appropriate amount, still if you make a smoothie with 5-7 strawberries with all and the green top it will not keep you all day long on the tubby.

Elderberries: well known for wine and jelly have seeds with high cyanide, still the wine is very popular.

I recall the old folks us to say: nothing is bad if taken in moderation.

These were people that live around their 100 bday.

Maybe you will like this link:


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