ALS and gluten... please people open your eyes!!!!

Asked on October 12, 2012
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Hi everyone paleofriends , I'am not a researcher of something else , I'm just a 19 years old italian boy. I discovered in MYSELF how much gluten can damage yourself , I had a strong ibs ( now it's way better ) and I eleminated sugars and dairies..but nothing.. one day I just tried to eliminate gluten... my gut are saying me "Thank YOU" yet!

there's a terrible disease called Amiotrophical Lateral Sclerosis , which is terrible (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amyotrophic_lateral_sclerosis) Now please listen to me... this terrible disease kill people in 5/10 years , there's no cures possible. This disease affect in the greatest part footballer players and the greatest part of this player.. is ITALIAN. As you know in Italy now there's a fake mediterranian diet , because the most used food is GRAIN! you can find it in pizza,crackers,bread,and in a lot of other foods , and this foos are ALWAYS and EVERYDAY present in the life on of a italian person ( exclused me , obviously )

1 Why this disease hit at the most , football players?

Football players get training everyday , and everyday they eat a lot of carbos ( wrong carbos , not the ones that paleo says) and this carbos are in pasta, everyday they eat a lot of pasta , so gluten is 100% present in their body

2 Why gluten can damage you , and at least cause at lsa? for this please read here , I could not explain it better ( http://celiacnurse.com/part-1-of-5-part-series-could-a-gluten-intolerance-cause-amyotrophic-lateral-sclerosis-als-or-lou-gehrigs-disease/ )

I'm sure that gluten is at 100% the cause of this disease , and please let me know your opinion.

The respect for nature is the first thing.. if you don't respect nature..nature will not respect you , in a terribly way....

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