Nausea and Diarrhea after drinking Kombucha

Answered on July 04, 2015
Created July 04, 2015 at 2:47 PM

Love Paleo but new to this community.  Had just come off Jason Vale's wonderful 7 Pounds in 7 Days Juicing Program which I have successfully done a few times over the years to kick-start my summers.  This time however I was a little constipated during the program, possibly because I wasn't takig the hot mint/lemon teas in the evening that are prescribed.  After the 7th day, I carefully re-introduced my vegies and brown rice for the next 3 days with smoothies and continuing to drink plenty of water and added in some Kombucha for good measure.  Was not prepared for the gastric consequences ..... ..... .... Has anyone had any similar outcomes?  Could this be Herxheimer Reaction?  Grateful for any/all comments.  

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on July 04, 2015
at 03:49 PM

It's like a Herxheimer reaction, whatever bacteria/yeasts were in that batch of kombucha had a conflict with your gut flora.


Brown rice is not paleo, you'll get all the anti-nutrients in the bran if you eat it.  Keep in mind rice is a grain, the only reason white rice is given a pass is because it's all starch and doesn't contain the antinutrients from the bran.  Whatever vitamins and nutrients come with the bran come at a greater cost.  This is one of the main foundations of paleo: we don't eat grains.


Juicing isn't a good idea unless you consume of pulp - that is if you use a juicer that separates the pulp from the juice and throw out the pulp, you're doing more harm than good because you're just consuming a lot of sugars (unless you're only juicing veggies.)  Your gut flora need all that fiber in order to live, so juicing isn't ideal.  If you use a masticating juicer, this is less of an issue, and you'll have to ensure that you avoid doing lots of fruit juices since you'd then be consuming too much fructose.


Smoothies are also not paleo as they are a highly processed food like item.  If you don't properly use your digestive system, it won't work correctly. Smoothies are a shortcut to your digestive system doing work for you.  Not a good path to be on, and likely a way to ingest a lot of sugar quickly, and again, since you're not consuming the needed fiber, your gut flora suffers and doesn't heal.


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