Keratosis Pilaris, diarrhea, etc.

Answered on June 09, 2018
Created August 07, 2015 at 11:03 PM

A little bit of background before my question.

I'm, 20, male, from Brazil. Sorry for bad english.
I suffer from keratosis pilaris (chicken skin, skin bumps, etc), this horrible condition started around 12.
This may be a minor issue to some people, but mine is very severe, it has spreaded all over my body (backs, butt, thighs, arms, etc), and is very ugly.
I never take my shirt off, even less get naked around others (you know what I mean). It definitively has shaped who I am today.
I don't do any effort to make new friends because eventually will lead to going to a pool, girlfriends, etc and this is not something I can do.
This condition is controlling/ruining my life.

I tried a lot of things through all this years. Went to doctors, but it's useless, they know nothing about this condition and all that they can do is give something to try to peel the skin, nothing ever helped. My research has leaded me to try to fix this from inside, so i'm trying to do everything as healthy as possible and hoping for the best.

My research leaded me to some possible causes: Insulin Resistance, gluten, leaky gut, etc. All this could be helped by following paleo diet.

I'm trying paleo diet about 2~3 months.

First month:

First I tried the standard low-carb paleo (no nuts, no grain, no legumes, etc, strictly). But I had diarrhea almost everyday morning (around 30 minutes after breakfast). But my thoughts was: "great, i'm probably detoxing", but this kept going until someday I ate a lot of raw onions and had a wild diarrhea. This gave me something to think, I always though I was alergic to nothing, but maybe I am. Researching I found something about FODMAP and something about autoimunte version of paleo diet.

Second month to this day:

I tried auto imune paleo version, I removed nightshades, eggs, fodmap food. And I learned that probably I was low on fat on the first month, then I added more olive oil and coconut oil to my diet, and probably was not handling properly my meat, from there on I always kept meat on the freezer. I don't remember if I was having probiotics, but now I am. I tried probiotics from the store (3 bilion), tried Water kefir, also started supplementing with D3 (5000 IU) and K2 (mk7). But the diarrhea keep happening, like a clock after about 30 minutes from breakfast I have diarrhea.

What my breakfast is: salmon, mix of salad (greens), bit of olive oil and coconut oil. Vitamins: D3 (5000 IU), probiotic, K2 (mk7)

What my lunch is: beef, mix of salad (greens), olive oil and coconut oil, 1 beef liver ounce.

What my dinner is: chicken, a mix of salad (greens), olive oil and coconut oil. sometimes a banana.

Yes, very boring food, but I don't mind as long as it helps.

Since my diarrhea is after breakfast, i'm rotating my breakfast food. Sometimes I think i's the veggies, sometimes I think it's the coconut oil. Today I think it's probiotic's fault, i'm not taking them tomorrow and see what happens. I'm scared to eat anything :'(. If I eat veggies in the morning than i can see them on the toilet.

Maybe i'm lacking vitamin? maybe i'm too high on fat and proteins? Maybe i'm too low on carbs? Any other tips to defeat KP? Please, can someone give me a lead? I'm desperate, life is going and i'm stuck :(. I don't remember having toilet problems the other year, but I also didn't give much attention too.

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on June 09, 2018
at 10:47 PM

Did you ever find anything that worked for your KP?



on August 08, 2015
at 03:26 PM

Your diet is decent.  Careful with coconut oil (and most other oils) if you eat too much too quickly it will give you diarrhea.

I've seen stuff that says KP is related to low vitamin A,D, and sometimes even C.  You're getting plenty of D so that's unlikely.  Dry brushing your skin can also help.


Any other issues that might indicate something like SIBO?


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