Neurotransmitter Imbalances

Asked on May 04, 2011
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I have a new client whom was in my office yesterday, she has a sexual wellness practice. I have been working with her for a few months now and she noticed my employee and I have lost weight. I have been primal/paleo for 18 months, found out I was a severly Celiac and am extremely sensitive to anything processed. My employee went Paleo just a few months ago and had just received her Everyday Paleo book in the mail. We showed it to her, she was shocked, said well this is how I eat and this is how I lost 100 lbs, but I didn't know it was Paleo. So of course I offered up Robb & Art's books as well as Cordain's and Taubes books. I also shared the Paleo Physisian's site. She is so excited and will be checking it out.

I mentioned to her how awesome I felt but that I had also recently found out from the endo doc that I have a rare form of diabetes, seems I have a signaling problem. Since Primal/Paleo and seeing the Edo doc I have been able to get the blood sugar under control as long as I limit carbs to 40g per day and no more than 10g per meal. I still get the occosional high number. She suggested that since I pretty much put my body through hell for 45 years that even though I had stopped the insanity that I was probably suffering from Neurotransmitter Imbalances and suggested I go through this series of tests http://www.sanesco.net/practitioner-information/test-menu and then possibly the supplements found on this site would help me.

Now for the question. My thoughts were if I have a signaling problem with blood sugar then she maybe she is on to something. Please tell me your thoughts. Would this be something you would do or is this some kinda money making thing that has no revelance?

Thanks for your hacking ways! Bags

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