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Hello, I am coming up to my half century and about 20 lb overweight and started to worry I may have diabetes. I had a fasting blood sugar test done at the hospital about ten years back and it was 'okay' according to my doctor. No figures were given to me.

I read an excellent article by your own @borofergie early in 2013 about his Oral Glucose Tolerance Test experiment so I eventually (October) got round to doing my own 20 finger tip blood sugar tests over 3 hours and plotting a graph. My fasting baseline was 110 mg/dl which after the 75g of glucose drink went up to 180 mg/dl over the course of an hour and was back down to 110 mg/dl at the two hour point. I then did a gym workout and measured my sugars at the 3 hour point which were still 110 mg/dl. (I am in England, these are my conversions from mmol/L.)

I guess the 2 hour return to baseline was okay and is the only result a hospital OGTT would've recorded. So am I pre-diabetic or heading to diabetes over the next decade? I guess it's time to start the Paleo diet and what carb levels should I aim for each day. Thank you for any advice.

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on October 30, 2013
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I have decided to do the Paleo diet thing, I went grocery shopping today and bought what I thought I needed. Coconut oil, butter, creams, meats, fish, eggs, fruits, veggies, nuts, dark chocolate, everything I could think of. All ready to start first thing tomorrow...

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