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I have picked it off for almost ten years me people don't eat whatever they want yet people don't he whatever they want we want anything that people first Super metabolism and me for myself are priced with the slow metabolism and I cantata whatever I want and pygmy whenever they want so what happens go on a diet hit the goal and now people right and what do you think you think then people even if they wants I eat whatever I want and 11 CEO not only my diet I want to eat all the things I leaving before because both think alike and we do it all your in all over Andover again don't yard your friend we'll all homes with won them all he cheeseburger with a French fry and but is keen and a hot fudge sundae and they tell you they eat like that althea time and Diabacor you see any yeah lying to you yeah it's not true K they don't be like that in fact I can see you they didn't know how many did I'm home in a dinner why Mikhail their I'm home in a bit of ahoy little ass okay people work very hard and being in whatever we do need to ghetto the goal we will have to continue to do to keep that way of we're all really intelligent people are really intelligent person I know that but for whatever reason I don't want that to be the answer so I hit my goal and I say I'm now I'm completely stopping everything that mean the successful to begin with and I'm going to go back and he only thing that anyone him up in person and not going to happen in yep selling it very close to me gave me a very good advice and ask people who you trust who or men who you think you real answers and on answers mom I once asked a very good friend of mine have you ever heard that down and 8 a whole roll Oreo cookie this one and to me the hurdle not have even tried to-do that BK so I said you know he said no heating your home alone and there???s nobody there you with the or you know that movie never even try 30 enter their money these would even dare tell a the whole day yeah but they don't think like that whatever you do to get to the goal need to continue to wait to keep the way of has p ask people questions like that truck to you really am and you'll be surprised I have people you really not want to use the AK who do you think is the key anything here I can really think a I think how come you know the only.


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