Feeling quite unwell/nauseous after using a clay poultice and bathing in mineralized filtered water - why? "Detox reaction"?

Asked on August 26, 2013
Created August 26, 2013 at 12:25 AM

I appear to be chlorine-sensitive, and have thus been avoiding municipal/bathing water as much as possible.

In brief, the fumes from hot water make me dizzy, cause headaches, and difficulty breathing. (This has been true throughout my life.)

I recently used some "Redmond (bentonite) clay" to poultice some abcesses and insect bites around the fake, neck, and legs.

After approximately 4 hours, and a nice nap, the poultices had dried, so I washed the clay off scalp, neck, legs, etc. with some mineralized (Pur) water [which should, in theory, filter out chlorine & its byproducts] and now feel very... shaky.

Similar to a flu, with chills. I also have likely the worst, most dizzying headache/nausea I've ever experienced(though I've never really had many headaches throughout my life) - I can see what some might describe as "brain fog". And, I have some strange, rather strong metallic taste in my mouth(almost like one imagines a penny would taste) - also a first experience, and I have no metal fillings or the like in my mouth. My gums also feel hot in various, small areas (above/between certain teeth). My chest is also rather uncomfortable/nausea/pain, and many of the muscles in my body ache somewhat strongly.

The symptoms have been fading off over the last 2-3 hours but are still fairly strong.

I'd researched poulticing and clay and "detox reactions", and the symptoms seem to fit with "die-off" or "detox" reactions.

I've no experience with this - is it some sort of "detox reaction"? Why did this happen?

Was it the filtered water? Substances in the water that weren't filtered out? The clay? Toxins in the clay? The combination of the mineralized filtered water and the clay? Some internal toxicity? Something to do with the scalp? Some strange reaction from tooth infection?

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