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Answered on June 21, 2014
Created June 21, 2014 at 1:53 PM

I am very good at finding answers myself. Usually I can go search, but this time I'd like to ask where I can find detox information. I have never been on a balanced diet before. I've gone through being a raw vegan, vegan and vegetarian for a span of 5-7 years. I have binge eaten after a highly restricted diet. So I am aware that my body needs to recover. I just started paleo. I love it. I feel like its the MOST sane way of eating. It all just clicks! And why doesn't it? The fact is I feel the best eating paleo. I am focusing on nutrients rather than focusing on calories and portions. I am able to hear my body better eating this way. I know I starved my body of nutrients. I feel bad about how I treated my body. So I am aware of this work and I'm O.K with that. Long proccess, but going consistent. Anyway, I am about a week or two paleo. I decided to have a break from cooking and made some cheese sandwiches and had a candy bar for dessert. This morning I started my day as usual. All of a sudden my stomach just started churning in pain. My guts were angry and vengeful. I had diarreah and vomited. Now, I have done detoxing many times before but nothing like this. Has anyone experienced this? I also have other symptoms like brain fog, light fatigue, anxiety, sleepless at night/ fidgety

I have been eating so well lately. Organic meats and greens with some frozen fruit as a treat. Mmmm coconut oil in organic coffee made with pure non flouridated water.....

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on June 21, 2014
at 03:07 PM

If you were a raw vegetarian for years and got tired of cooking while a week or two into Paleo diet, why the cheese sandwiches and candy bar instead of raw vegetables? I wouldn't see that as a detox issue, but rather poor electrolytes / digestion from an unbalanced diet.

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