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Answered on September 12, 2014
Created July 06, 2011 at 5:09 PM

Early evenin' fellow paleo people!

I'm trying to adhere to a VERY strict low-carb, paleo diet, as I have health problems (IBS, PCOS and I'm also autistic) which are exacerbated by many things.

I can't eat nuts (though I do treat myself to the occasional bag of macadamias) because they tend to clog me up so, searching around for a 100% paleo snack, I stumbled across a site called Red23 which was selling bags of raw, unprocessed, desiccated coconut strips, with the husk still on as well as bags of raw, organic, cacao nibs. There's just one problem; I'm on disability benefits (what you in the States would term welfare) and at ??28/kg for the coconut and ??26/kg for the cacao, they're bankrupting me! I want to buy pure and natural obviously (and I do cook with nothing but coconut oil these days). I'm loathe to try to mess around with my diet too much, as I find the coconut strips don't cause me any problems (and I'm sure the fibre must be doing me some good!)

Does anyone know of anywhere I can find these a bit cheaper, without compromising too much on quality? I bet our friends over the Pond can find them in just about any health food store, but that's not the case over here; our largest chain of such shops seem VERY keen on adding sugar to just about everything, or coating it in chocolate, yoghurt or a hard candy shell, as if that somehow adds to its health benefits! Why anyone would smother something already loaded with sugar (i.e. fruit) in yet more sugar, and then pass it off as a health food, by adding such tags as "excellent source of fibre" or "rich in antioxidants" is beyond me - no wonder Britain's catching the US up on the world obesity league table!

If anyone can help me, I'd be MORE than grateful!

Thanks very much,



on July 07, 2011
at 12:00 AM

you can make tea with it that is really good!

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on July 06, 2011
at 11:39 PM


i found these in my local asda the other day.. it's fresh coconut. maybe you could experiment with drying it yourself.. i had a good look online for coconut strips and I do think that that's the only one that sells that product so cheaply, (there is a company that does it at ??44 a kg). I did find these other organic coconut products that you might like.. one of them is a thick cut coconut.. hope it helps, other than that all I can suggest is buy it in smaller amounts, or find someone else who would go halves with you on a big order.



and here is few websites that do the cocoa nibs.



where abouts in the uk are you??



on July 06, 2011
at 11:45 PM

Also check your local asian/indian supermarket. We use shredded coconut with some curries, and it freezes really well. I frequently defrost bags to make snacks (I mix with sweetener, cocoa, and butter, so delicious!).


And voila, desiccated coconut.



on July 06, 2011
at 07:05 PM

I bought some raw cacao when I first started and honestly it gave me heart burn and it was pretty awful. I haven't been able to bring myself to experiment with the 1 lb bag I have still....but I know I should and will eventually.

My suggestion is to see if you can find anyone to split it with you? Might help reduce the cost to something you can deal with?

Can you do 90-95% dark chocolate? These might be more available to you and just as good an op.

As for the coconut, as suggested above, get a whole one in the grocery. You can poke thru the 3 holes with a hammer and screwdriver and drain out the coconut water. Then crack it open and peel out the coconut meat. I have taken a veggie peeler and made my own strips. Put in the oven to lightly toast and then I put it all in a freezer bag and just pull out what I need. Its so thin that it thaws almost instantly and lasts for months on months.


on July 07, 2011
at 12:00 AM

you can make tea with it that is really good!



on July 06, 2011
at 06:16 PM

Hum Can you get a hold of coconut and dry it? Absent that consider an internet search for unsweetened chipped coconut- it isn't quite the strips you are used to but it is bigger bits that are more snackable. Nibs should also be available though bulk mail order if that is an option.

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