omega 3 / omega 6 balance and depression

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 30, 2012 at 11:46 PM

I previously tried fish oil supplements in pill form about 6 months ago and they did not help my depression.

In the last three weeks I've tried again and have noticed a significant improvement in my depression, the differences being:

I now eat very low omega 6

I bought a more expensive brand in bottle form (carlsons)

I'm also taking them with probiotics in pill form (I read that taking these together is important)

I believe that omega 3s can cure depression (or massively alleviate it) but it does not work for many people because their omega 6 consumption is far too high to see any benefit (as I believe they fight it out?)

Anyway, thought I'd just bring this up as it's made the biggest difference for me so far, to the point where, i dont want to jinx it, but i really don't feel depressed at all anymore



on December 31, 2012
at 12:40 PM

Glad to hear this, HB! You've posted several times about some pretty severe depression, so it's nice to see you've found something that's helping. :-) And I agree -- fish oil can be great, but you get way more bang for the buck by *also* limiting omega-6 to make sure all those good 3s get to where they need to go. Keep it up -- you're finding answers.



on December 31, 2012
at 12:38 AM

Blue Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil



on December 31, 2012
at 12:26 AM

Good to know your personal experience with this. When I look back I think my omega 6s were too high when I tried to add in a fish oil but had no success with what I was seeking before. I think I might give it a shot again. Which probiotic do you use?


on December 31, 2012
at 12:04 AM

+1 happy for you

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on December 31, 2012
at 01:41 PM

I've also read that you need good quality, non-oxidised omega 3, for it to have a positive effect. There's an interesting mention on the Perfect Health Diet website about omega 3 working for a while, and then not working, due to insufficient antioxidants.



on December 31, 2012
at 12:33 AM

Awesome- higher quality fish oil is absolutely key- I would recommend New Chapter's Whole Omega mood. I also would recommend trying out L-tryptophan, that works WONDERS for me.

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