Are you still cool socially?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 15, 2011 at 12:48 PM

Being an avid Paleo diet person you tend to constantly be thinking about diet and Paleo theories and how you might be better than other people. When it comes to parties, and also considering your weirdness of not eating or drinking anything, are you still a cool and likable person at parties?

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on October 15, 2011
at 01:29 PM

A man drinking wine is better than manly, he's hot!



on October 15, 2011
at 12:58 PM

I won't give up drinking....i believe i always have a better time with a few drinks in me. i did however slow down on the beer and drink wine in it's place, which makes me look not so manly sometimes. Oh well. Food wise, there's usually a meat option at parties which I'll stick with.

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3 Answers


on October 15, 2011
at 01:37 PM

We've had a fair number of questions about this, but this one came to mind first:


Personally, I still think I'm cool. :)



on October 15, 2011
at 01:52 PM

These days, I'm not so concerned about what other people think or trying to "compete" with them in any way.

I often bring some kombucha to parties (which in my circles is considered "cool") and folks probably think I am drinking beer.

I generally eat before I go to parties if I don't think there will be Paleo/Primal options and focus on my conversations. No one has ever noticed whether I am eating or not.


on October 15, 2011
at 01:50 PM

So, here's the thing about what you eat: No matter what foods you eat and don't eat, it's going to piss a lot of people off or they're going to think you're a weirdo for it. Therefore, just do not bring it up, and socialize with people normally unless there are really extenuating circumstances where paleo comes up in conversation. Not because it's something "weird" or something you should be embarassed about but just because People Will Dislike You for Talking About Food Choices. It's something no one (fun) talks about with any real success. I know it can be a passion for many people, but you're usually best off keeping it in the kitchen.

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