Stressed about Daily Vitamins and Acne

Asked on August 23, 2015
Created August 23, 2015 at 1:01 PM

Okay, so since I got acne at 14 I've been trying to eat SO healthy! I'm paleo, and good at it, but I actually can't help but feel that although i'm eating "healthy" i'm not eating enough nutrients or missing things. My skin sorta blew up lately and i've been perfectly paleo, but just not eating much variety. I feel like I eat just a lot of spinach, peas, peppers  (bell). and meat of course, and fat....but what about Vitamin C and the B vitamins? I've never found much about them and skin...they aren't talked about much....but I know they do influence skin. 


But what I'm getting to is is it just me, or the Daily % of vitamins and minerals seems impossible to get...I have to eat sooo much broccoli and asparagus and specific foods to get my B vitamins. I can just eat a bell pepper and have more than enough vitamin c or a grapefruit. Are these daily percents just silly? I seriously haven't been getting the daily percent og B5 and B6, the foods are just hard to eat that many of. I just want my skin to clear up, I wash my omega to 6 ratio, I don't eat veggie oils, take krill oil, no dairy, my diet is very paleo strict. 


But it's also expensive to eat pounds of broccoli a day. I just wanna be getting a nutrietn dense diet and if i'm low in something want to eat my way there. I'm sick of taking a supplement for everything. I take Vitamin A, D already, no soy, i also take K2, but still have acne. When I started eating more vitamin cmy skin got a little better. So I tracked what i'm lacking and it's a lot of B vitamins that aren't found in meet. Please guys, I know i'm paranoid, but it just seems hard to actually get what you need from food and that seems silly. 

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