Hair loss: What to do?

Commented on September 18, 2014
Created August 24, 2014 at 12:40 PM

Hey all. This is my first post here on paleohacks. I workout 3 times a week and have been trying different things in order to gain weight. I dont tolerate carbs really well which is why I have found this way of eating really great. I dont have servere bloating anymore but it is not all gone. I might not eat enough fiber? Anyway I am pretty sure that I have now found a diet plan which will help me build muscle and gain weight. It consists of 324 grams of protein, 262 grams of carbs and 204 grams of fat. I can already feel a difference to my body. I did also gain (very little. I have to eat between 4000-5000 calories to gain anything at all) on a high carb diet plan but I did not feel too well. I was tired a lot of the time. I would like to list my diet: 6 eggs Avocado 150 g Olive oil 30g Coconut oil 15g Flaxseed oil 15 g Chicken 650 g Olivenolie 15 g 1 apple Walnuts 20 g Almonds 40 g Hazelnuts 40 g 3 bananas Carrot 200 g Broccoli 200 g Carbs (maltodextrin) 50 g Proteinpowder (whey) 80% 40 g Salmon 100 g Tuna 75 g Cottage Cheese 100g Milk 350g 1-2 multivitamins (Something called Omnimin, a danish product. If you want to know the ingredients I can add it. I have been thinking about buying Lifeplus multivitamin product instead.) So this is what I would eat in a day. Beside this I juice in the morning with carrots, beets, ginger, lemon and celleri. To the juice I add tumeric, cinnamon and greens (spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass). As you can see it is not all Paleo (If I remember correctly). But I would like to know if there might be something in my eating which is causing my hair to thin. I am not loosing any hair on the sides or back of my head but on top and my hair line is receeding. I know it might be genetics but I just think that it has got worse after I started this diet. I am 20 years old and a guy. I have been eating like this for 1-2 months. I haven been loosing hair for maybe 1-2 years buy again I think it has got worse lately. Or to be precise my receeding hairline is getting worse. I will try to contact my doctor and see what he says but maybe you had some more knowledge about this. I did for exaple read this thread: Search on google: bodybuilding ultimate hair regrowth protocol. I am not sure if any of this would work. I am not interested (or have the money) in taking this many supplements. It just tells me that maybe I could benefit from some of it. Beside the hair loss thing I also have suffered from bad skin but it has got a lot better but it is still there (blackheads on chest, face etc.). I do also have swollen and inflamed tonsils which I have in fact always had. I dont know if it could be related. I have really tried a lot of things (regular doctors, natural doctors etc.). So I am more like to think that I would benefit from your experiences. When I call the doctor and might a test done they will probaly just say that everything is fine as they always do. But I have not got a test for a long time since going somewhat Paleo so maybe things have changed. I am sorry for the long read. If you have any question just ask away. I look forward to hear some of your experiences. I excuse my english since I am from Denmark KeevKK Edit: Sorry guys. I did also post this at marks daily apple which I did copy to this sumbit at this forum. It is just interesting to hear as many experiences as possible. Edit2: I dont know why this is just bunch of text. I have added spaces etc. but it havent changed, I hope you figure it out :S

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8 Answers



on September 14, 2014
at 08:39 PM

There are many many different causes of hairloss, but the most common one is: your digestive tract is not functioning right because your body does not get the necessary nutrients in order to function. That is why a full head of luxious hair is a sure sign of health.

So, what do you do?

1. If it is thyroid, it is easy, just follow Ray Peat. It sounds complicated at first, but it is actually not. Strained orange juice, potatoes with (?) sour cream, basically more Weston Price carbs. 

2. You can also check out "Hair like a Fox" - he is a Ray Peat follower. Most people who benefit from following this guy's advice are trying to recover from a very low carb diet they were following without carb loading every other day or so.

3. As for fixing your digestive tract, that is going to take some time. There could be different causes so the treatment should be different. I would lower the protein (as you've been told). 

4. You can aslo check your liver function or take a test on whether you have SIBO or not.

5. Also, check out your glucose, insulin, A1c and proinsulin levels. Basically try to rule out everything.

If your liver is congested, try a liver flush (with care and under doctor's supervision). For SIBO see your doc.  

I can tell you how you can mask the symptoms without solving the actual problem: GNC Hair and Nails formula. It is basically high dosages of biotin, an essential vitamin that is found in some foods but mostly synthesised by our bodies and gets depleted easily if something does not work right. 

No matter what the problem is, try different dietary approaches. Listen to your body, it will show you the way.

Good luck!



on September 13, 2014
at 02:28 PM

Things I would consider are...

1. PUFA: You get 40+g a day of PUFA. This will cause excessive inflammation, thyroid problems, etc. I would definitly work on lowring this!

2. Protein: You get too much protein in my opinion. Specific amino acids tryptophan, methionine, cysteine can cause thyroid problems in excessive quantities. (Carvalho, et al., 2000)


3. Calcium:Phosphorus ratio: Your calcium:phosphorus ratio is not ideal. I would try to get at least a 1:1 ratio. Right now you're getting about 1300mg calcium and 3,700 phosphorus. Adequate calcium will lower prolactin and PTH, which are not hair friendly things. If you don't want to drink more milk, then just eat the 6 egg shells that you are throwing away. 

Just some thoughts. 


on September 14, 2014
at 11:54 PM

You might want to stop supplementing Cod Liver Oil and Omega 3 from fish oil. Imho cut the nuts and eat more fruit. Gelatin is a great source of protein as well 



on September 16, 2014
at 03:01 PM

Hey! Why do you want me to cut the Cod liver oil? Do you know if flax seed oil is ok?

Anyway I actually figured out that too much vitamin A would cause hairloss. And when I entered my diet in Cronometer everything looked fine beside my vitamin A intake. I figured out that I had an insane amount of vitamin A and it is all coming from the cod liver oil. Maybe that is my problem :(

I just dont know how else I am going to perfect my omega 3 and 6 ratio. Is 1:2 fine? Its just if I cut avocado and egg I almost cut everything I eat. I have already cutted a lot and I need them calories to gain muscle :)



on September 13, 2014
at 01:07 AM

Too much selenium can cause hairloss.  Too little zinc, or too much zinc as well.  (Zinc has to be balanced with copper.)  As with any minerals, you'll want chelated forms.  i.e. zinc picolinate, or better yet, shellfish (clams, oysters, mussels are great sources.)


High stress, or poor thyroid function can cause hair loss as well.


The skin issues might indicate hormone inbalances.  Get those checked out.


If it's male pattern baldness, you can try getting some polysorbate-80 with biotin.  You'd wet your scalp put a drop of two in your hand and rub it in your scalp for about 3 minutes and wash it out.  This can help remove DHT.



on September 17, 2014
at 05:39 PM

Do anyone have an answer to one of my comments? :)




on September 14, 2014
at 04:19 PM

Your PUFA levels are fine. 

Your protein is too high. Protein is not meant to be a source of energy. You need relatively little excess over maintenance for growth. Say, you can put on 2 pounds of lean in a month, 1 ounce per day. 1 ounce of lean mass has around 8 grams of protein in it. In theory, that's all you need for that level of growth. Enough protein for regeneration (60-70 grams) plus a little more 10 grams or so for growth (70-80 grams total). What you really need for grwoth is calories. Essentially, you're forcing your body to convert 250 grams of protein into energy (and it's not good at that). 



on September 16, 2014
at 03:04 PM

I have now lowered my protein to 1 gram per pound of body weight. Is that acceptable? I think its a big difference from almost 300grams of protein. It is also that I do have a high calorie diet and if I cut much more protein I would have to raise my intake of carbs which I already get a lot of. And I cant eat more nuts, eggs or avocados or else I will get too much omega 6. 

This is so difficult ;P


on September 14, 2014
at 02:23 PM

Hey guys!

Thanks a lot for your answers. Yes I did notice all the PUFAS in my diet and I have now changed it completely.

I now consume around 180-220 grams of protein, around 380-430 grams of carbohydrates and around 200-230 grams of fat.

I eat the following:

2 eggs

6 bananas

400 grams of any meat (mostly chicken)

150grams of avocado

30grams of hazelnuts

40 grams of whey protein

50grams  of maltodextrin

30grams of cod liver oil + 6 capsules of omega 3

10 grams of olive oil

20 grams of 86% chocolate

25 grams of butter

1 liter of milk

75g of gluten free cereal

100-150 grams of cooked rice or 200grams of potatoes


So that is the new diet plan. What do you think? My omega 3 and 6 ratio is almost 1:1 because of the cod liver oil and omega 3 capsules. I know I have added rice and cereal but as long as I tolerate it well and I keep the ratio up I guess it is ok? I hope the added milk will do the calcium phosphorious balance.

Do you still think I consume too much protein?

Beside this I also supplement with zink and vitamin d and a multivitamin which also contains calcium :)

Again thank you very much. I look forward to hear your feedback! 




on September 18, 2014
at 05:00 PM

I have taken out the maltodextrin again.

But the cereal is not Paleo. I know. I just dont know how else I am going to get enough calories to be in a calorie surplus since I am a hardgainer and need more food than most people :S



on September 18, 2014
at 03:55 PM

What's the matodextrin for?  That's usualy a starch made from wheat and can cause reactions for those who are celiac.


Why do you need cereal, gluten free or not?  Those are usually made from other grains, such as corn, which is also a grain, and therefore not paleo.




on September 18, 2014
at 04:46 PM

I'm guessing he's using it peri-workout.

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