Hair loss: What to do?

Asked on August 24, 2014
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Hey all. This is my first post here on marks daily apple. I have been lurking for a really long time and I really happy that I have found this site. I workout 3 times a week and have been trying different things in order to gain weight. I dont tolerate carbs really well which is why I have found this way of eating really great. I dont have servere bloating anymore but it is not all gone. I might not eat enough fiber? Anyway I am pretty sure that I have now found a diet plan which will help me build muscle and gain weight. It consists of 324 grams of protein, 262 grams of carbs and 204 grams of fat. I can already feel a difference to my body. I did also gain (very little. I have to eat between 4000-5000 calories to gain anything at all) on a high carb diet plan but I did not feel too well. I was tired a lot of the time. I would like to list my diet: 6 eggs Avocado 150 g Olive oil 30g Coconut oil 15g Flaxseed oil 15 g Chicken 650 g Olivenolie 15 g 1 apple Walnuts 20 g Almonds 40 g Hazelnuts 40 g 3 bananas Carrot 200 g Broccoli 200 g Carbs (maltodextrin) 50 g Proteinpowder (whey) 80% 40 g Salmon 100 g Tuna 75 g Cottage Cheese 100g Milk 350g 1-2 multivitamins (Something called Omnimin, a danish product. If you want to know the ingredients I can add it. I have been thinking about buying Lifeplus multivitamin product instead.) So this is what I would eat in a day. Beside this I juice in the morning with carrots, beets, ginger, lemon and celleri. To the juice I add tumeric, cinnamon and greens (spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass). As you can see it is not all Paleo (If I remember correctly). But I would like to know if there might be something in my eating which is causing my hair to thin. I am not loosing any hair on the sides or back of my head but on top and my hair line is receeding. I know it might be genetics but I just think that it has got worse after I started this diet. I am 20 years old and a guy. I have been eating like this for 1-2 months. I haven been loosing hair for maybe 1-2 years buy again I think it has got worse lately. Or to be precise my receeding hairline is getting worse. I will try to contact my doctor and see what he says but maybe you had some more knowledge about this. I did for exaple read this thread: Search on google: bodybuilding ultimate hair regrowth protocol. I am not sure if any of this would work. I am not interested (or have the money) in taking this many supplements. It just tells me that maybe I could benefit from some of it. Beside the hair loss thing I also have suffered from bad skin but it has got a lot better but it is still there (blackheads on chest, face etc.). I do also have swollen and inflamed tonsils which I have in fact always had. I dont know if it could be related. I have really tried a lot of things (regular doctors, natural doctors etc.). So I am more like to think that I would benefit from your experiences. When I call the doctor and might a test done they will probaly just say that everything is fine as they always do. But I have not got a test for a long time since going somewhat Paleo so maybe things have changed. I am sorry for the long read. If you have any question just ask away. I look forward to hear some of your experiences. I excuse my english since I am from Denmark KeevKK

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