Necessary Supplements after transitioning to Paleo.

Answered on September 08, 2013
Created September 07, 2013 at 7:37 PM

I've always felt better on a low carbohydrate diet. Although I've been gluten free for 4 years and only consume dairy on a rare occasion, I still noticed several positive changes in my health since going more strictly Paleo in March of this year. Unfortunately, I do seem to be having a few frustrating issues. I've noticed that my muscles, joints and ligaments are weak and tire easily. The thought of pointing my toes makes me cringe as I feel like the muscles in my foot will cramp or tweak out if I were to do so. I work out and stretch regularly. I typically have a green smoothie in the morning consisting of varied leafy greens, half a banana, a quarter of an avocado and any mix of berries, apples, carrots, celery, zucchini or other random vegetables. I'll thpically eat protein for lunch, either eggs, chicken or beef with veggies. My snacks are roasted vegetables, dried fruits, homemade soups, dips or snacks. I use healthy oils (olive, coconut, flaxseed) and add-ons (cacao nibs, maca, flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemps seeds). I'm sensitive to nuts so I've been avoiding those in an attempt to test them out via the elimination method. I take fish oil daily and am on a low dose compounded thyroid pill. I get anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep a night and drink black tea and green tea daily. Although my eating is clean, I'm wondering if the lack of grains, beans or dairy has caused me to become deficient in certain minerals -- possibly folate, calcium, magnesium and even iron? I feel worse when I take a B-complex supplement however, which is weird. It just seems like I should feel more optimal. The muscle lethargy is perplexing to me, they just get exhausted so easily. I even get sore when I'm in a certain position for too long. My muscles ache as if I've worked out really hard (as when lactic acid builds up), despite having done anything overly strenuous. It's different than the ache that comes with Chronic Fatigue however, as I had that 3 years ago and have felt much better since seeking out several alternative health modalities. In general, my entire muscle-skeletal system feels as though it's not getting enough oxygen or it's being deprived of something, preventing it from running smoothly. ANY insight would be helpful!

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on September 08, 2013
at 06:20 AM

Sounds like you need to see a qualified ND or MD (who is not into pill pushing). Asking for medical diagnosis on the internet is way off base for you to rely on. You really shouldn't need supplements with a well rounded Paleo diet.

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