Can you have too much dark chocolate???

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 16, 2013 at 2:00 PM


So im new to paleo eating and used to be a right chocolate addict!! I still have cravings but have swapped to no less than 70% choc. I have just brought 85% Lint and ate the whole lot!!! There is no stoping me!! Any advice on how much is too much and how to stop the cravings??


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on April 16, 2013
at 05:32 PM

I've looked up on a bunch of translation sites and can't figure out what language "too much dark chocolate" is. I'm not familiar of any phrase in English, so it must be another language.


on April 16, 2013
at 02:04 PM

You can have too much of anything...especially of something with such highly biologically active compounds like caffeine and theobromine (a neuro toxin). And that's to say nothing of the sugar, fat, and calories it contains.



on April 16, 2013
at 02:58 PM

You definitely can have too much dark chocolate. My suggestion would be to work up to 99% dark chocolate. At this richness (or I guess bitterness at first) you do not feel the urge to binge on it.

I buy 99% Dark Chocolate made by TCHO (SF based company) and it's great. A serving size is half a bar, but I never have the urge to eat that much...and I used to eat whole chocolate bars of "dark" chocolate before.

Beyond less cravings to eat it all, the nutritional balance is also better. Yummm


on April 16, 2013
at 04:27 PM

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Maybe you can binge on dark chocolate with weight gain or other repercussions, but probably not. If you really can't limit yourself to a square or two per day, then maybe it's better to remove it from your diet for a while. :-( You can always reintroduce it later and see if you can maintain control. There's so much delicious food out there that you're not going to binge on, so it's not a disaster to remove the dark chocolate. I admit though, that removing it is a last resort. And it's a lot better to eat a bar of dark chocolate than a pint of ice cream, not that that should be your standard!


on April 16, 2013
at 03:37 PM

make sure you are getting enough iron and mag. and omega 3's in your diet, these should help cut down on the cravings.

also make sure you are getting enough sleep, that kick from chocolate can be addictive if you don't really have genuine energy.



on April 16, 2013
at 02:53 PM

to much of a good thing is a bad thing


on April 16, 2013
at 02:50 PM

Chocolate is addictive. As such there is no way to stop the cravings, as you are addicted

Buy 85%, buy small bars, and limit yourself to one small bar a day

Melt the bars and mix with hazelnut or macadamias, reset, grind some salt on top. You'll eat less chocolate but feel you're eating the same amount

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