Why eliminate dairy?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created July 12, 2012 at 5:26 AM

Why will I feel better eliminating dairy if I don't have any significant reaction to lactose? What's the reasoning behind eliminating it save for it not being a paleo food?


on July 12, 2012
at 07:28 PM

You might not feel better. It might be worth giving skipping dairy a try in order to find out. Milk isn't reeealy paleo, but it is definitely neo-lithic. Some objections to dairy are vegan purity bullshit, some are concerns about factory-farming. These are separate issues from what is good for you.-



on July 12, 2012
at 02:06 PM

If you have none of the issues presented in Aglaee the Paleo RD's post, whole milk is hard to beat in terms of protein, good fats, and micro nutrients. Plus it's cheap!

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2 Answers


on July 12, 2012
at 07:25 AM

Not everybody needs to avoid dairy, but you probably need to if:

  • you have digestive issues (the lactose and/or casein can be problematic)
  • you have an autoimmune condition (the casein could be problematic)
  • you have insulin resistance (the proteins in dairy = high insulin levels; which is a big problem with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, abdominal obesity and PCOS)
  • you have hormonal problems (the hormones in dairy can be problematic for women with PCOS for example)

IF you choose to eat dairy, it should come from grass-fed, pastured cows! The milk from these animals is healthier. Going raw if you know a good source near you is also a healthier option.


on July 12, 2012
at 05:30 AM

The reasoning? CAFO woes and a lot of hippie smoke.

If you can tolerate it, drink up!

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