Sinusitis = dairy, the season, or chemical detox?

Answered on September 17, 2013
Created September 17, 2013 at 7:32 PM

Ok so basically, I used to have HORRIBLE allergy problems, then I went full paleo in jan and found out i'm wickedly gluten intolerant and won't touch ANYTHING remotely filled with wheat... I've been doing full paleo with a cheat once a month usually being mexican food.. I had some about 4 days ago (nachos, they were so worth it), and had a couple sips of grass fed milk yesterday and this morning, and this afternoon my sinuses were on FIRE....

BUT I'm also detoxing chemicals from my body with a functional medicine doctor in town, and it's been a week already... think this could just be chemical detoxing weakening immune system?

OR option 3... i live in north florida, and we get HORRIBLE, I mean HORRIBLE pollen (some days my car will turn from red to yellow, literally), and a lot of my friends on facebook are having sinus flare ups... think it could just be the season?

P.S. I just did a sinus rinse, and about to go eat 2 cloves of raw garlic (my client is going to love me in 30 min lol).

Thanks for the insight! appreciate all the work you guys do !

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2 Answers


on September 17, 2013
at 07:42 PM

I took activated charcoal (the kind dave asprey just came out with) on both days, that helped mitigate a lot of the problems, I used to be wickedly intolerant of dairy when I was a kid, I think i'd better steer away from dairy for a while until I get my body fully detoxed....

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on September 17, 2013
at 07:39 PM

I'm allergic to some pollen & grasses which I can tolerate now that I am Paleo. Before that I was always congested and infected. I'd tell you to avoid the milk and cheats. Cheat if you must with something less toxic to your body.

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