Reacting to butter? What could cause that? (Other than milk protein)?

Commented on March 29, 2015
Created March 28, 2015 at 12:20 AM

Is it possible that someone could have negative reactions to butter yet not have reactions to milk?

Reactions=headache, joint pain, brain fog?


Just curious,



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on March 29, 2015
at 09:05 PM

It might not be butter that you're reacting to, but then it might be. ??


You'll know for sure if you turn that butter into ghee. ??Heat it up slowly until it melts, then skim off anything that floats to them top. ??Setup a paper coffee filter over the mouth of a clean, wide jar, use a rubber band to hold the paper filter in place. ??Using a ladel or spool move the butter oil from the pot into the jar, be careful to avoid picking up anything milky from the bottom. ?? Let the ghee cool and then use it. ??


If you don't react to it, try plain butter again and see if you react. ??If you do, it's most likely the casein in the butter. ??There's two types of cow casein - A1 and A2. ??A1 seems to be common in conventional dairy in the US and some people are sensitive to it. A2 is found in some cows, but mostly in goats, sheep, so if you can handle goat milk/cheese without a reaction, but you react to cow casein, that's the most likely culprit.



on March 29, 2015
at 11:21 PM

Great idea!  Thank you !!!   

I think I'll buy professional ghee instead of making it myself, just to increase the odds that it's free of the milk protein!


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