Pregnancy and dairy

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 03, 2012 at 12:17 AM

Hello again everyone!

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and lucky enough to be suffering from horrible 'morning sickness' around 10 hours a day. The evenings seem to be the only time I feel like me again. I am taking raw prenatal vitamins (with a probiotic), eating paleo and recently, consuming a ton of ginger to try (with mild success)to curb my sickness.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what could help? I've been trying to read up on other paleo pregnancies, and it seems like most women do better when on paleo, so I'm not sure where I'm screwing up here. The only real option I'm considering is adding dairy back in my diet again. I don't have an intolerance to it, so maybe cheese and kefir in small amounts?

What do you guys think?


on July 03, 2012
at 03:05 AM

Here are two excellent articles on getting rid of morning sickness: http://www.mommypotamus.com/7-remedies-for-morning-sickness-that-actually-work/ http://www.mommypotamus.com/the-real-cause-of-morning-sickness/

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7 Answers


on July 03, 2012
at 06:30 AM

Sorry for your morning sickness.

Yes, eat the dairy if it helps!

Cheese helped mine a lot, with all three.




on July 03, 2012
at 01:02 AM

Careful with the ginger, a little is good, a lot can actually induce a miscarriage. Make some tea, drink some ginger ale, or suck on the candies, but stay away from large amounts of raw ginger.

Oh man, I was sick as a dog until just a few weeks ago with complete aversion to meat and green vegetables (which was pretty much all I ate in the time leading up to both of my pregnancies so a bit of a rough transition and confusion at first).

Dairy, dairy, dairy, dairy....and fruit.....and oatmeal have been my saviors. Eat what appeals to you for at least the first 12-14 weeks. Any time I tried to force myself to "eat healthier" by eating something that didn't appeal, but I thought I should have, my nausea increased many fold, it just wasn't worth it. At 15 weeks I'm starting to get my appetite back for all the things I ate before I got pregnant, but am still craving more dairy and fruit than I used to.

Just keep it to whole foods without a ton of chemicals, avoid fast food, and you'll be fine.

If the nausea gets too bad you can talk to your midwife or OB about taking small amounts of Benadryl.



on July 03, 2012
at 01:27 AM

Raw "grass fed" dairy, in the form of kefir, cheeses, yogurt, butter and/or ghee would be a good thing. Make sure you are getting enough D3, A, K2 and E, magnesium and iodine.

You may find some help here: www.westonaprice.org


on July 03, 2012
at 12:58 AM

I'm approaching 12 weeks and the nausea is much less now. I agree with others who have said there is little to no correlation between nausea and diet. All I suggest is listen to your body - if you experience an aversion to something, don't eat it - and get as much sleep as possible. I'm not sure if the nausea has been worse when I didn't sleep enough, but it's much harder to deal with when I'm tired and cranky. Sleep has become my top priority! I take naps whenever possible.



on July 03, 2012
at 12:46 AM

Congrats! Definitely add the dairy back in if you tolerate it. Low carb actually worked better for most of the moms I have worked with, but everyone is different, so you may need to experiment.

Here's a blog post I wrote that may be helpful:




on July 03, 2012
at 12:44 AM

Congratulations! I would suggest trying the dairy. Eat whatever your body can tolerate right now and don't be too restrictive. Yes, morning sickness is a good sign, and it almost always goes away after the first trimester, so just hang in there! I seem to recall a discussion here on PH about whether or not paleo affected m/s and it didn't look like diet made a difference - some women just have it and some don't. Depends on the person and the pregnancy.

Have you tried B6? It's supposed to help and there are lozenges made with it especially for morning sickness. Unfortunately, the ones that contain the B6 (B-Natal) also contain artificial colors/flavors. Grrr. So I never tried them.


on July 03, 2012
at 12:34 AM

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I don't really have much advice to offer...maybe more starchy, comfort carbs like white potatoes or rice? But I did just want to let you know that morning sickness, as annoying as it is, is actually a good sign! Means you have good pregnancy hormones.

Best of luck to you!

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