Lacto-Paleo Craving MORE Milk

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 20, 2011 at 6:03 PM

Okay I eat dairy. I went 60ish days without it a couple years ago then added it back in and felt better (subjective, I know). I've been super strict this summer as a means to shed the last of some pregnancy pounds so I cut milk completely and just used butter/ghee for cooking, cheese here and there, and maybe some cream for a recipe.

Wellll, as soon as I started CrossFit -I can literally pinpoint the day- I have had an insatiable craving for milk. Milk was my #1 craving during pregnancy and the early days of breastfeeding too.

I feel as if I am reaching my macronutrient goals but I double-checked via FitDay. On average I'm getting protein per pound body weight and I'm ranging from 40-60% fat in a day.

So eating awesome, increasing activity (ha, understatement), nursing a 12 month old --> MILK!?

What is my body trying to tell me!?

I wanted to limit dairy but if I have no ill effects, should I just give in?


on August 20, 2011
at 07:09 PM

You answered your own question. No ill effects then have at it (as long as it's good quality dairy that is)



on August 20, 2011
at 06:55 PM

Hey, I can do that ;)

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on August 20, 2011
at 06:53 PM

With all due respect, if your body is craving dairy (milk), and you have no issues with it, then by all means drink the stuff! Why not? Since when did remaining true to some dietary ideology trump the needs of our own body? Since when does meeting our particular bodily constitutional needs (let alone the needs of your baby) amount to "giving in." You are already eating dairy anyway, so the ideological breach has already occurred.

"The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath."

Drink up.



on August 20, 2011
at 06:55 PM

Hey, I can do that ;)



on August 22, 2011
at 08:34 AM

I find dairy to be quite addictive, so I'm not surprised by this. Maybe it's due to the casomorphins or any of the other natural chemicals in milk with interesting effects. Or it could be simply that milk products are very high reward and very palatable: I often find myself unhungry for any food, but craving dairy (including cream) and it's much easier to eat a lot of calories from yoghurt, whey, cream or cheese than any more substantial foods, I find. Indeed, as I sit here now, I have no interest in going to get some meat, or some eggs, or some coconut, or some carbs of any kind, but if I had some yoghurt or homemade creme fraiche, I'd definitely want some, quite independent of hunger. I don't think 'quality' is an issue here. The dairy will still be the same in all the ways mentioned above and, as it happens, the dairy I eat is usually very high quality anyway, and I've never seen anything to suggest practically significant difference between dairy based on quality. I also suspect that your body is not trying to tell you anything, with regards to a particular need-for-dairy. Presumably for the vast bulk of our evolution, we wouldn't have had a source of dairy. Clearly some of us have adapted to tolerate lactose, but I doubt that we adapted to need it.

My suspicion would be that a craving for potentially questionable, definitely unnecessary things, probably counts as a reason not to have it, rather than to have it. Also, purely in my personal experience, I sometimes feel great after returning to dairy (I avoided all dairy and avoided only non-goat dairy before), but thus far have always ended up feeling worse when I do consume it. At present I'm sticking to homemade creme fraiche because I want some probiotics, but whether that's a net good is hard to discern.


on August 20, 2011
at 08:57 PM

Do you have access to raw, pastured milk? If so, I recommend consuming fermented diary in the form of yogurt or kefir.

Don't limit your dairy due to some unwritten rule that you must abide by otherwise be banished forever from the Garden of Paleo. For more health benefits, just try to have it fermented. I make my own yogurt from raw dairy. It's a snap to do, makes a great breakfast and has many good health properties.

Try and avoid pasteurized milk as it's missing some beneficial bacteria. In fact, I guess my point would be, try and avoid MILK all together. Ferment it any way you can think up! If you are going to buy store-bought yogurt at least try and find a reputable source. Better yet: A local farmer. Less distance travelled = better life for everyone and everything!



on August 20, 2011
at 09:02 PM

Second the raw, pastured dairy. Fermented or not, as long as you have a good supplier, enjoy!


on August 22, 2011
at 05:39 AM

How about coconut milk instead?



on August 21, 2011
at 01:49 PM

Interesting!! I am getting over a bad cold, terrible cough and probably the start of a sinus infection. For days I had no appetite whatsoever.

After I started to get a little stronger, like 7 days later, I was having terrible cravings for milk and cheese products. I was literally craving a big bowl full of cheerios with lots of milk.....thank goodness there was none in the house!!

I was taking a sugar free, gluten free cough syrup so I'm not sure what was causing it, other than maybe I was looking for 'comfort foods'? [I have been gluten free, sugar free for over 9 months now]

I haven't stopped eating cheese products yet, but will have to back off them as my tummy issues are starting back up again. BUT, it is interesting what your body wants, and why..... is a very good question!!!

[I'm going to make a granola/nola substitute to keep in the refridge for the next time]



on August 21, 2011
at 01:42 AM

While letting my gut heal, I've cut dairy for about the last 8 months. I've started adding it back in via a protein shake immeidately after working out (usually CrossFit) and some Greek yogurt here and there. I'm still experimenting with it, but I'm not feeling the ill effects I used to feel. I don't know that I'll be crushing a lot of milk, but if you handle it well (digestion, weight, etc.), I say go with it. There are plenty of folks who post on this site that follow a Lacto-Paleo diet.

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