Kefir: Is there any reason to consume the whey?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created October 27, 2012 at 9:53 PM

When i make kefir I don't particularly care for the liquid whey. I find it much more pleasant to just eat the curds than to drink everything together like milk.

Am I missing out on anything not consuming the whey? My initial thought would be for the protein but there are only 2 grams per cup.


Also, what do you guys think about using raw skim milk instead of whole milk to make the kefir. Organic pastures sells it for half the price and i've heard skim milk makes better kefir. The only downside to this i can see is missing out on the healthy fats and fat soluble vitamins. But i figure i could just eat more butter to make up for it ;)


on November 25, 2012
at 05:04 PM

I agree that it tastes better without the whey in it. If I do remove the whey I feed it the dog or the apple tree. Depressingly,the apple tree appreciates it more.



on November 25, 2012
at 02:14 PM

"skim milk makes better kefir" - just curious if you have a source for this info? What's better? Intuitively, whole foods make more sense.

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4 Answers



on November 25, 2012
at 03:34 AM

You should consume kefir normally, don't remove stuff from it. Here's a reason why you should go for whey: "But probably the best glutathione precursor that???s accessible to people is the biologically active whey protein, like non-denatured, grass-fed whey protein made from raw milk. That???s the best way to naturally boost glutathione levels using a kind of a food-based thing." Source: http://chriskresser.com/adrenal-fatigue-glutathione-status-and-rheumatoid-arthritis

Also, if you want to make your kefir most potent, there are three factors invovled:

  1. Home-made (commercial ones don't include all microbes)

  2. From goat or sheep (less problematic casein than cow)

  3. Fermented for 24 hours (almost no lactose left)

Leave whey, fat, or whatever else, in it.



on October 28, 2012
at 02:51 AM

taking out the fat renders the product much less valuable (which is why skim milk is cheap). also, if you are goin to remove the fat and the whey, what is going to be left to consume? why don't you make kefir from cream? then there is negligible whey and the product is very thick


on April 30, 2013
at 02:59 AM

I've read, I believe from Sally Fallon "Nourishing Traditions"?, that whey is good for joints and ligaments...cures cracking joints, keeps them supple.



on October 28, 2012
at 01:37 AM

While there are nutrients in the whey, the way is also said to be "insulinogenic" ( see http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/2012/10/i-lost-the-wheat-but-didnt-lose-weight-2/. -- "lose the dairy").

Lots of people enjoy kefir cheese and such, so go for it.

Generally whole foods are better. By what process does OP remove the fat?? Does it oxidize the milk at all?

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