Hack my weirdish changes after becoming paleo?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 01, 2012 at 3:06 AM


Along with the million fantastic changes I've had after going paleo There are a few... not bad.. but a few odd changes aswell

After going paleo I now become constipated after eating any form of dairy, whether its in forms of cheese ( same thing happens with goats or sheeps milk cheese ), yogourt or even as an ingredient in chocolate ( if I cheat on a special occasion ) I am lactose intolerant but back on the S.A.D I could still eat things such as cheese and natural yogourt without having this issue.

Also, I have difficulty sleeping in past 8:30-9am max and no matter what the situation my body always wants to go to sleep at about 9pm and I get tired around half an hour before. ( Grok's sunrise, sunset pattern? :S ) This works perfectly when I go to school because I can wake up at about 6 with no alarm and spend lots of time making breakfast etc.

And this can't exactly be concidered a change but I seem to thrive on a low carb paleo diet of about 50g per day.

Thanks in advance =)



on January 01, 2012
at 09:36 PM

Do you take a probiotic?

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on January 01, 2012
at 03:25 AM

I make home-made yogurt and I don't have a problem with constipation; if yours has any additives that might explain your problem (I am also unable to handle milk but the yogurt is fine.)

I have exactly the same sleep pattern as you're experiencing. I get tired at night but when I walke up in the morning I am SO awake I have to get up. I used to be able to laze in bed for a while and even drowse sometimes but not now.

I eat moderate carbs, 60-100g, so these changes might be more about protein/fat than carbs.

Two other things I've noticed that you didn't mention are that my pulse is slower now and my walking pace is faster.



on January 01, 2012
at 04:35 AM

I went through almost the exact same things.

Crazy increase in sensitivity to dairy and gluten and a literal inability to wake up at any time other than 7:00am, even if I got drunk and went to bed at 5am the night before.

It just is what it is.



on January 01, 2012
at 09:15 AM

I've noticed with my daughter that when she has wheat & dairy she gets constipated. Wheat on it's own will give her fairly loose stools & milk/some dairy will constipated her...

So, wheat & dairy cancel each other out eating SWD, but alone affect her!

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