Eggs, Dairy and Berries....

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 19, 2013 at 3:34 PM

Recent convert - from straight up vegetarian. Never could get the muscular cuts, and leanness I wanted. Almost 1 month - feeling great.

Have some confusion around dairy, eggs and fruit. Other paleo bloggers are anti eggs (especially) and dairy as well. Leaky gut concerns, and food sensitivity. I know some fruit is OK - and I have been enjoying 2 servings of berries each day. Wondering as summer berries begin to disappear - what fruit is good (low sugar, and pleasant to eat) or should fruit be a treat and not a daily enjoyment?

Didn't really need to lose weight, per say, and haven't... but muscularity is improving, and given the weights that I lift (I work heavy weights - 6-10 rep sets) - I expect that I am seeing fat to muscle conversion. Have not had body fat tested in years.

Advice from the experts on these subjects?

Thanks, in advance,

Andrea (F/54)

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on July 19, 2013
at 03:57 PM

First off - welcome to paleo! I too used to be a straight up veggie and switching to eating meat was the most important choice I ever made for myself from a fitness pov.

I'm no expert, but here's my opinion.

There is no "one" Paleo diet. The paleo template is to be used as a baseline guide from which you can tailor to suit your own personal needs, lifestyle, ailments, exercise regime and goals. Following this guide is a great place to start, but as you grow and learn more about yourself chances are you'll need to tweak it to your needs. I like to think of us Paleo followers as "teenagers for life" as we are continually growing and tend to enjoy self experimentation in search of what we hope to one day be our ideal healthy body and mind.

The reason you see so much conflicting information on here is because every individual is so different and we react differently to different foods and methods. Some people (like myself) have 3 eggs a day, enjoy fermented dairy products/ghee and fruit and have no issues.

Others may react to eggs or dairy or avoid fruit because being low carb works for them. Others eat some form of grain or legume to fuel their lifestyles. Both, in my opinion, are still very much Paleo and more importantly, work for the individual.

The best way to figure out what works for you is to [experiment]1 and tweak whatever you need to. Don't worry too much about what other people say you should or shouldn't do. Do whatever makes you happy and feel awesome!

More specifically to your questions, I enjoy fruit that is in season only and usually have a small serving on days when I work out. If I'm not working out that day I tend to not really 'want' anything sweet so I just don't eat it. If you love eggs (ummm seriously who doesn't!?) and can tolerate them, eat up! Same with dairy.

Hopefully that helps!



on July 19, 2013
at 03:51 PM

As to dairy and eggs, that's if you have issues with them. About a month is a great time to make a SINGLE trial/change. If you haven't been eating any eggs all month, try them now.

If you get symptoms (gut, joint pain, skin eruptions, etc.), then you may want to try them at some other time. If the symptoms are bad enough, you'll not be very interested in trying.

A lot of people who do not have issues with dairy choose grass-fed dairy for healthier by-product (as grass-fed meat is healthier) but in my case, the healthiest dairy from our own ranch doesn't work for me. I still do a little dairy now and then but I always pay.

I have several autoimmune issues. Many people with AI cannot tolerate eggs. Oddly, it's one of the things I do well on.

It's highly individual.

As to berries, as far as I know, berries are some of the lowest GI load. Depending on where you live, virtually no fruit grows during winter (or maybe that's when things are harvested). Where I live, it's grapes, then pears and apples for autumn.

I couldn't find a wonderfully inclusive list online but I found this.

Have you read Cordain's books yet? I seem to recall he listed a pretty strict view. Also, Cordain's book will better explain the problems with dairy and eggs. Other authors to look for are Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf. I know that I'm missing some but those are the ones I always look to first. I also like to check Kessler and Atia's sites.


on July 19, 2013
at 03:42 PM

If you are not needing to lose weight, don't go out of your way to limit fruit. The boost in glycogen will help your workouts. As for eggs, unless you have a rare intolerance, they are a super food, especially pastured hormone free eggs. I eat an average of 3 per day, and my cholesterol numbers have become perfect. I would recommending getting a body fat test, even if it is a cheap skin fold caliper test. Many former vegetarians are "skinny fat" even if they don't think they are overweight.

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