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If you can't tolerate dairy, it is not the dairy it is you!!!! and there are steps you can take to tolerate dairy.  the body adapts and dairy can be your best friend if you establish a strong foundation.  what do I mean by foundation? becoming replete in Vitamin A, D, E, K.  I got tons of post nasal drip before i started supplementing these vitamins.  now i handle dairy like a boss.  no sinus issues either!!!! also some people have digestion issues because of the added vitamins, not the actual dairy!!! they add these vitamins with emulsifiers which cause upset and intestinal irritation.  dairy is a powerful food and can ramp up metabolism in the right environment.  in the wrong environment it can wreak havoc.  everyone can conditon their body to tolerate it.  for more information please read the following:


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on February 03, 2015
at 01:14 PM

Um, no:


Not everyone can tolerate dairy.  Not everyone can tolerate lactose.  Not everyone can tolerate cow's milk due to the variation in casein proteins.  Even those that do and get some benefits from it may suffer from the side effects of the hormones found in milk/dairy and the insulin spike associated with it.


I take Vitamins A, E, D, K nearly daily in a rotation, and I still have issues with some kinds of dairy, and even those I tolerate (goat, buffalo) cause a body acne response.  And no, the post nasal drip didn't go away just because I supplemented some vitamins.


The only dairy I do is kerrygold butter and ghee made from it, and an occasional bit of buffalo mozzarella whenever I make a paleo version of pizza.


on February 03, 2015
at 03:19 PM

"now i handle dairy like a boss" - Keith87

That some strong evidence right there, screw science, I'm totally convinced dairy is good when you put it that way! LOL.

People who are lactose intolerant can't "condition their body to tolerate it" like you claim. Do you also believe people can grow wings and fly? It would literally require a DNA mutation. Bro, do you even science?

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