I need a veggie dip recipe

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 10, 2013 at 3:20 PM

I need a veggie dip recipe that is free of dairy, eggs, nuts and tahini. I'm already making some guac, but I wanted something "creamy" too... Any ideas?

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5 Answers


on May 10, 2013
at 07:20 PM

i would suggest roasted red pepper pure with olive oil and seasoning of your choice, also you may try roasting other veggies and check what suits you. My choices are aubergine and also onions (yum). Really every veg will do if you roast it first- it will give that "creamy taste" to your dips. For "extra creamy" - add a bit of coconut milk


on May 10, 2013
at 11:43 PM

Amanda, I recently made what I called Provencal-style baba ghanoush. Don't worry, my version didn't have tahini in it like standard baba ghanoush. After making it I discovered the French have already thought of that:


I didn't use the recipe above, but I can vouch for that blogger's work. Plus, he's hilarious!

My version had the basics like roasted eggplant, salt, olive oil, etc. But I also added shallots and garlic that I had roasted with thyme and threw it all in the food processor. Later I stirred in some chopped parsley and creamified it with some Paleo mayo. Delicious!



on May 11, 2013
at 03:45 AM

I second the roasted red pepper idea. Try pureeing roasted red peppers with some olive oil and basil and garlic-- MM. Good on everything. Juli from paleomg.com purees roadted red peppers, and avo, as well, and that is amazing. Tapenade is good too. I have yet to make my own, but I buy it at the store.


on May 11, 2013
at 03:24 AM

Tapenade rocks my socks off! It's an olive mixture and you can add other things to it... You could make sun-dried tomato tapenade or artichoke heart tapenade. Really delicious.

Also, if you blend basil with olive oil, shallots and dijon mustard, you'll have yourself a scrumptious veggie dip!


on May 11, 2013
at 02:43 AM

Today I made a salad dressing that was awesome... 1/2 avocado, juice half a lemon, 2 tbsps nutritional yeast, a little salt, and some chia seeds. I blended this with a few tbsp of water in my vitamix and loved it! I think itd also make a great dip ( use less water)...the nutritional yeast gives it a cheesy flavor.

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