What do you all do about Sebaceous cysts?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 07, 2012 at 3:48 PM

I don't have many of them but a few. They all appeared in my early to mid 20s and then seem to have stopped. Are they a natural part of aging or is there a lifestyle component to them? I've heard from a few doctors that they don't need to be treated and would just be for cosmetic reasons. What do you all think?

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4 Answers


on December 07, 2012
at 04:58 PM

A dermatologist would treat them, but not a regular doctor, unless they become infected.

I have had a few over my life, and I always get rid of them. I used to be prone to infections.

I don't think they're a part of aging, but just a part of having a body. Some people get them, some don't. A pore gets clogged and fills with keratin, and doesn't turn into a pimple.

If they are on your face, or obvious in a way that impacts your quality of life, get them treated. Other than that, don't unless they become infected.


on December 08, 2012
at 03:11 AM

A pore invaginates and forms a lining with keratin causing a cyst. Sometimes bacteria gets trapped and they get infected, but usuaully their harmless (unless cosmetically disfiguring). The correct name is actually epidermal inclusion cyst. And they are not genetic. If you don't like them a dermatologist can remove them!


on December 08, 2012
at 01:29 AM

probably no worries- but if it becomes inflammed, infected, see a doctor. I had an infected cyst that was removed surgically.



on December 07, 2012
at 05:48 PM

Just cosmetic. No worries unless they bother you.

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