Taking time off from Training.

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 04, 2011 at 6:31 PM

So I'm considering taking some time off from training, but am a little fearful. My concern is that I will lose ability and my conditioning will decline. I've been crossfiting for over two years and have accomplished a great deal more than I ever thought possible. I remember in 8th grade we would run a mile daily in p.e. I always struggled to get my mile below 8 minutes. Now I can run a sub 7 min. During American standards testing lack of pull ups and rope climbs kept me from ranking. I just gained the ability to do both well. I have Asthma and am a type 1 diabetic so exercise is beneficial for me. Ive taken up to a week off before and noticed that thinks like box jumps become a challenge the first week back. My trainers say they take no more than 10 days. I feel good but also don't want to overtrain. Your thoughts?

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on June 04, 2011
at 08:04 PM

being rested is always extremely beneficial, but you may want to consider doing something new during your "rest" period. If you don't walk a lot, incorporate some more walking around, bike a bit, do some yoga. Challenge your body in ways that are different from crossfit, like say slow deliberate yoga that focuses on form and breathing. I highly recommmend Forrest yoga. She has some great dvds too. Don't work uber hard, just maintain what you have in a relaxed, enjoyable way.

Also, I dunno where you are but I just laid out on our new lounge chaise (best $25 ive spent in weeks) in the sunshine and I could practically smell the Vitamin D being made. It felt so good to see the sun again. Get out and about. See what your body is telling you and try not to get stuck in a rut.


on June 04, 2011
at 07:45 PM

I use beachbody programs (on dvd) as my fitness and every 3-4 weeks there is a built in recovery week that focuses on core strength and stretching. Rest is important and it makes us stronger.


on June 04, 2011
at 06:55 PM

Taking a break is a good idea. Chill and relax then get back into it. Sure if may "feel" a bit tougher when you go back but you won't be out of condition and more importantly you will be mentally refreshed. Then you can set some new goals...

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