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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 26, 2012 at 2:41 AM

I'm thinking: Merrel Barefoot, NB Minimal, Reebok minimalist

Except, I'm just not sure which would be good for doing Crossfit, running and lifting weights both, but also minimalist.

I'm tired and high, excuse the lack of specificity.




on September 18, 2012
at 05:04 PM

For every day shoes I went with Patagonia's Camp Mocs, which have barely anything to them, nice and light. For active shoes I went with Merrel's Barefoot Trail shoes. I figured they gave me the widest range of available activity with them, as opposed to road shoes. I don't run much, and usually never longer than 3 miles, 5 at the max. Although, in November I have to run 6 Miles for a fun race. My ankle doesn't like running.



on August 26, 2012
at 03:06 PM

I wear ZemGear Terras ("barefoot" shoes) for running and WODs with no lifting, Converse for WODs with lifts, and Adidas Power Perfect IIs for Oly lifts and squatting. My favorite "all around" shoes is actually the Converse. Good for lifting, running, box jumps, etc.

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on August 26, 2012
at 04:33 PM

I like the minimus for lifting.

For running I am currently in the Nike Pegasus, but I switch between those and the Brooks Ghost. I also have a pair of the New Balance 890s for shorter runs (the are lighter and have no cross foot stabilization).

Personally, I don't recommend distance running in minimal shoes. Some people can do it, especially very light efficient runners. In my experience, most people who are trying to run fast over a short distance (like sprinting) can get away with anything. Slow over long distance then you can wear anything. But, fast over a longer distance (fast - sub 8:00, longer distance - 5k-marathon) need more support and cushion.


on September 18, 2012
at 07:12 AM

I have Vivobarefoot Evos, Vivobarefoot Ultras, NB Minimus Zero Roads and NB Minimus Zero Trails. Love all of them.


on September 18, 2012
at 06:38 AM

love my minimus for crossfit, and they are good for weights if i hit the gym instead. i have run in them and they are comfy for me as well, but i only run like 4 miles max distance. also they are awesome for hiking as the soles are pretty durable and the lack of rise makes it so you don't roll your ankle if your are going fast!


on August 26, 2012
at 03:17 PM

I'm a second fan of the Minimus, I've been using them for a year as well and I do all my crossfit in them. Lots of strength work, WODs, skill, olympic lifting. I'm finally to the point where I'm looking to pick up a pair of Oly shoes for lifting but I'll still use my minimus for the WOD. I also have invo8s and I love them but more for outside running than workoust, mostly because I have wide feet and had to go up a 1/2 size so the toe sticks out a bit further than I'd like.

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on August 26, 2012
at 02:11 PM

i've had the new balance minimus trail shoes for well over a year and absolutely love them. i don't run long distances but i sprint with them, crossfit with them, and lift heavy weights with them regularly. i highly recommend them.

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