insmonia after wokout

Answered on May 06, 2014
Created May 04, 2014 at 6:13 PM

i always have a issue with sleeping ( deprivation-insomnia ) the day when i workout any type of intense workout like crossfit ,I thought I might be over training, so I took two weeks off to rest, but the same came right back when I started up again , i generally do my workout at 6 pm and i also tried to workout earlier in the morning but the same happened ..! anyone help me

update : i am male 24 , i dont think its a glycogen delpletion beacuse i may do 50 squat and same happens ( i dont think 50 squats would deplet glycogen ).!!!!

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on May 05, 2014
at 02:47 PM

This has heppened to me sometimes, although generally if i have coffee in the late afternoon I atrributed it to that... I tihnk it could be cortisil related though... Are you eating adequately int eh post workout phases to shut down inflammation, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system...? If you're working hard at night, maybe you could benefit from eating carbs in the time before sleeing (assuming you sleep mainly in the night...)

Interesting question to me, if you do any research and find anything interesting, please post it...


on May 06, 2014
at 05:26 AM

I guess this may be due to drastic depletion in the glycogen level during workouts.Your glycogen needs may be going up and you may have arrived at a point where you are definitely exhausting glycogen throughout workouts to the point where the body is uncomfortable for some time until it has room schedule-wise to renew.Workouts tend to burn more glycogen. Concentrate on eating more carbs after or before workout, which will help in boosting glycogen levels. Fruits or sweet potatoes can help you in this case.



on May 05, 2014
at 03:54 PM

I had to stop playing in the evening soccer league because I could not sleep, even after an 8pm game (ending at 9pm). Now I play saturdays, at 10am, and I am fine.


on May 05, 2014
at 11:23 AM

anyone can help ?!!!

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