Has anyone tried the reebook Nano or Nano 2.0?

Answered on August 27, 2013
Created January 18, 2013 at 12:45 AM

I am new to crossfit and have heard about theese shoes. I am considering buying a pair as I need some new shoes. Have you tried them? Liked them? Differences in the Nano and the 2.0?

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5 Answers


on August 27, 2013
at 02:29 AM

Great for lifting. Bad for running.



on July 01, 2013
at 02:29 PM

I just picked up the Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 and absolutely love them, so that can be another option to look into if you're interested. Got mine on 6pm for about $50.


on February 28, 2013
at 04:53 PM

I have the Nano 2.0s as well. I like them a lot, but you have to know what the WOD is going to be. If it is a running WOD (i.e., run a 5k), have a pair of running-specific shoes. Some would disagree with me on this topic, but the Reebok Nano 2.0 are designed to be a lifting shoe.

I have one qualm with my pair of N2.0s: my pair had a spot of weak gluing between the sole and the uppers. So there is a spot where they are vulnerable. However, the glue the rest of the way around is strong enough so they have not come apart any more.

Otherwise, it's a quality buy and a quality CrossFit shoe.

Buy a pair; it's worth it!



on February 28, 2013
at 04:37 PM

Hi! My Nano 2.0s are awesome for everything crossfit! I can't tell you about durability yet, as I just got them last week!



on January 18, 2013
at 01:35 AM

I have the 2.0s. Love them. The reviews said to size up half a size, so I did and they work well, but I'd probably go true to size on my next pair. I do have to wear high socks (not crazy high, I'm not into that look), but higher than my typical running socks because the back of the ankle was rubbing against my skin. I have flat feet and sometimes my arch (or lack thereof) aches, but that happens with every shoe. Don't know the different between the 2.0s and the nanos. I think the 2.0s are just the newer version.

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