Beginning Crossfit while Paleo...What to expect, what to change?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 27, 2011 at 7:09 PM

Not sure if this has been asked already...feel free to close it if necessary. My DH and I are starting crossfit. He has been following The Quilt's advice on ketosis/inositol/choline.. See here--->


And I have been doing the same with occassional wine :)

What type of changes can we expect when we start Crossfit?
Will we need more carbs to recover (pre/post workout), more calories from fat? How did you hack your first couple months on Crossfit while Paleo/Primal?

I realize that each person is different but I want to make this a smooth transition for him and myself as well.

I have a ton more questions, but I gotta run. Feel free to offer any advice.

[edit] we both have some weight to lose (me-30lbs, him-100) and would like to be lean and strong.



on September 27, 2011
at 10:28 PM

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on September 27, 2011
at 07:48 PM

Agreed! I would love advice as well! I have been Keto, but now I am starting to realize with CF I may need more carbs, but maybe not? I'm open to any and all suggestions. I hope a lot of people comment on this one!!!


on September 27, 2011
at 07:25 PM

I'll be watching this space for sure. I just started this week too!! Eeeeep!!

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on September 27, 2011
at 10:40 PM

When I first started Crossfit, I was doing a very low carb vacation of Paleo (no potatoes/rice/starch, minimal fruit). However, I soon realized that I was very fatigued and tired and didn't have a lot of energy. At first I thought it was just the carb flu, but then I realized that it was persistent and decided to up my carb intake before/after my WODs.

Flash forward a few weeks....Ive started to add more starches back into my routine (sweet potatoes, rice, some fruit, etc) and have never felt better!

Honestly, what it comes down to is personal preference and experimenting. Try working out a week or two on the lower end of the carb spectrum, then the next couple weeks up your starches...Play around with your food and eventually you will figure out what best fuels your WODs.

Good luck!



on September 27, 2011
at 09:54 PM

According to Crossfit, you can expect a SLAP tear in the shoulder caused by kipping. I'm not bashing Crossfit, just kipping.


on September 27, 2011
at 10:25 PM

You're going to have to get in there first to see, as every body is different, then you'll start tinkering with your food intake levels. Many CF'ers are Paleo and as you start making friends you will start sharing recipes, tips, etc. Same with your coaches - they can give tips, too, just like the PH'ers are doing. Don't be shy in there, either! If you need help, have any questions, speak up. You're paying them - not the other way 'round :)

For me if it helps you at all (I'm on a gaining path): I used to train fasted - with CF I don't, I need more nutrition. Literally burning through all my food too quickly so my performance was not where it should have been. Made a change and now I have a quick bite an hour before I go in with a big glass of coconut water. Sip water the whole time I'm in there. Afterwards its coffee with milk or green tea, tubers with hearty greens and a protein, berries, a handful of coconut shards, maybe some macadamia nuts. Some days I have multiple meals. Some days one. I just give my bod what it wants. And yes, I drink too :)

CrossFit is going to kick your ass but in the best possible way. No matter what fitness level everyone is going to be grinning and throwing themselves down on the floor in a heap of sweat.

Have fun!



on September 27, 2011
at 09:40 PM

To get relevant advice, you will need to discuss more about what your goals are. Losing weight? Lean out some while building some muscle? Gain strength and perhaps weight? Generally speaking, someone who is working out on a regular basis may want to consider increasing protein intake and adjusting carb and fat intake to meet specific goals.

[edit] With the goal being to lose weight, I would encourage lean protein, moderate carbohydrate level (you will need some), preferably in the form of tubers or squash and moderate fat intake as well, especially if you find yourself feeling hungry. I wouldn't worry too much about timing at this point. Eat your regular meals. Eat the majority of your carbs post-workout. If you find yourself running out of gas, then maybe some carbohydrate and lean protein before working out.



on September 27, 2011
at 10:28 PM

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on September 27, 2011
at 09:06 PM

More carbs. More salt. Salt should be eaten to taste. Add salt to water and/or fruit.



on September 27, 2011
at 08:18 PM

expect to get injured.

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