Anyone follow Crossfit Football?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 15, 2011 at 9:37 PM

I tried following Crossfit for a period of time but didn't care for the large emphasis of metcons and lack of periodization. I tended to get burned out very quickly with only 4 crossfit workouts a week and didn't feel satisfied with only a 7 minute workout. However, it was nice to have workouts already designed and I also enjoyed the competitiveness of the workouts and community. I come from a team sport background (football, soccer, and basketball in HS and football in College) and started looking into crossfit football after Robb had John Welbourn on his podcast several times. Welbourn made it a point to talk about proper periodization and I like that the emphasis is on strength, power and speed first and then conditioning. However, I still feel pretty burned out by the end of the week.

Do any of you follow CF football and what are your thoughts regarding their periodization compared to CF? Also, do you have any recommendations on my feeling burned out by the end of the week? I feel like I am getting adequate PWO nutrition, sleep 8 hours a night, and never do more that 2 workouts in a row.

PS....I only tried Crossfit on my own, no crossfit gyms, by following the WOD. I do the same with CF Football. For CF football I have only been working out during monday through friday (usually 2 on 1 off 2 on), with weekends off because of family commitments.

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on December 18, 2011
at 12:42 AM

I follow Crossfit football as I asked a question about designing a max effort black box program. Personally, I feel much better following Welbourn's program than either following mainsite or following other programs. However, there are times in which I am too sore and I will take a day off here and there. I will do that workout on the following day. Right now, I have taken an extra 4 rest days in the last 4 months.

What are your goals? If you like the strength aspects, you can skip out of a metcon here or there. On the talk to me johnnie website, Welbourn even suggested to a student to focus on strength until he could handle both. I also like that he never programs high risk activities. There are no kipping pullups,jumping pullups,100's of box jumps,GHD situps. Injuring yourself in training is a bit ridiculous.

Periodization is important. It is one of my major issues with crossfit. Strength athletes develop and follow consistent programs because that is what works best.



on December 15, 2011
at 11:25 PM

I don't do what CrossFit Football programs, but my CrossFit gym is very strength and sprint biased with real programming as opposed to the nonsense you get from the mainsite. In the absence of a local gym that you can use to handle the programming for you, I think CF Football is a great program to follow.


on December 15, 2011
at 10:03 PM

to be honest, my lifestyle and nutrition are really dialed in and yet 3 on 1 off destroys me. I've had much more success with 1 on 1 off and CF Football style workouts and one dedicated sprint workout a week. My advice is to choose whatever lends itself to the best strength and performance gains while balancing how you feel. My experience after 11 years of lifting is that gains dont come easy but they certainly never come when I'm tired and not feeling great. You should peel back the volume and see how your performance improves. Also, upping the fat a bit and/or a bit more postworkout CHO depending on your goals.



on December 15, 2011
at 11:26 PM

I've never followed CFFB. At 36 years old, the volume looks very high, even if following the Professional lifiting schedule. If you are younger and want to get strong, I say give it a shot. The guys who post regularly on that site rave about the program and are STRONG. You will also read posts where they can be beaten down by the end of the week. It's a demanding program but Welbourne knows his stuff.

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