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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 16, 2012 at 8:34 PM

I made some recent purchases from a coop in Pennsylvania and one of the items that I got was listed as "Cream (medium), 1 qt in glass" I had been a little disappointed when I placed the order as they did not list heavy cream and I assumed that being listed medium meant that it would be something between light and heavy cream but this is totally different than any cream I've ever had. It's not pourable but rather close to the consistency of thin whipped cream and needs to be spooned from the glass jar. Can anyone shed some light on this product? So far I have enjoyed all of their products. The Auracona eggs are incredible. I put a description of their farming practices is below and welcome any input. I think I found a pretty solid farm and hope I can continue to afford to eat their products.

Farming Practices: ########## is certified raw by the state of PA. Cows are entirely grass fed and functionally organic in every way. The cows never receive any grain at any time. Alvin raises a heritage breed of cattle called The Dutch Belted, not to be confused with the Belted Galloway which is a beef cow. He has been raising them since 1992. This breed of cattle is rare and endangered. They produce a milk that is of a different consistency and flavor than Jersey or Holstein. According to sources familiar with the Dutch Belted breed, this milk is more easily digested, has a higher protein to fat ratio, and does not separate as much as other breeds' milk. There is a high percentage of A2 casein protein (found in sheep and goats milk) relative to A1 casein found in most other cows' milk, which accounts for the digestibility. Any products not produced on his farm that he sells are also grass fed, organic, and local. The time between slaughter and when we would receive a product is short, of course depending on the season. Other Foods: Alvin raises his own hogs which are grass fed and any other food they eat is organic, soy and gmo free. The hogs are Heritage breed Tamworth brown and blacks. Chickens: Chicken Broilers are raised by Farmer Alvin's daughter and son-in-law Marcus and Ida King. Pastured in portable pens feed gmo free grains, finished with out soy. Dairy Cows: Organic pasture fed with some hay in the winter. All Beef is local, organically pastured, grain free and comes from a mixture of Black Angus, Hereford and Devon Beef Cattle. It is all processed and packaged at the local USDA shop or our own!! It is all sold under Dutch Meadows Organics which is the meat division of Spring Water Farm. Just to mention, the beef prices are going up due to grassfed beef being very scarce so that means we have to pay more to find quality beef. We strive to keep the quality and service for our customers. Thank You for your support and understanding. All beef hot dogs will be back in September. Cheese- The cheese comes from Welsh Mountain Farm, it is made from organically grass fed Jersey cow milk. This is the same plant that made our Dutch Belted cows milk cheese, the Jersey milk cheese seems to have a better consistency. We also have a variety of cheese from Hope Springs Farm which is also grass fed organic. Goat- Goat milk and goat milk products (supplies now unlimited)come from Round Top Farm, Alvin's nephew, in Honey Brook, Pa. All goats are organically pastured, GMO and Soy free. Goat meat now available, roasts, ribs, chops and hamburger. Lamb - is grass fed organic and grain free from our Farm! We have a variety of cuts available, see product list. Sheep - Our sheep milk comes from Round Top Farm in Honey Brook, PA They are organically pastured and grain free. We now have sheep milk products at a new Lower Price and more variety of sheep cheese. See product list. Turkey- Turkey Farmer Alvin raises his own turkeys organically pastured supplimented with organic corn, spelt and finished without soy. Other Products- He also has an assortment of other products that all come from local organic farmers. They include: fermented veggies, wild Alaskan salmon, honey (local raw), maple syrup (local, no additives or preservatives), kvass, and more.



on December 16, 2012
at 10:03 PM

I think what you received was just pure milkcream (milk fat minus the milk.)

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on December 16, 2012
at 09:45 PM

I also buy from Alvin, and picked him specifically for his Dutch Belted A2 cows. Their cream really reminds me of the raw cream I was raised on when we had a few cows when I was growing up. The top always felt like something you could pick up with your hand, so thick, almost like marshmallow fluff.

I use this stuff for everything, coffee, whipping, quiches, homemade caramels for holiday gifts, and it is perfectly fine. I've been ordering from him for just over a year, and it has always been fresh and the quality hasn't changed.

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