CPPD (Calcium Pyrophosphade Dihydrate) crystal deposition disease.

Answered on October 09, 2013
Created October 09, 2013 at 8:28 AM

. I was told today I Have CPPD I have low magnesium levels which can be a contributing factor. I have been eating the Paleo way for around 4 months. This has helped with the swelling in my hands . What else can I do to help with this??

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on October 09, 2013
at 11:38 AM

I'd focus on strategies to lower parathyroid hormone, as it is known to induce calcification.

  • High calcium intake (best from milk, or egg shell calcium if milk is not possible)
  • Balance phosphate (meat, vegetables) with calcium. Keep calcium-phosphate ratio above 1.
  • Organ meats for vitamin k.
  • Adequate sunshine
  • Adequate magnesium
  • Adequate salt (also lowers PTH)
  • Don't overdose vitamin d supplements, they may worsen calcification in some cases.
  • Other pro-thyroid dietary strategies, as thyroid lowers PTH (read more on Ray Peat).
  • Consider a thyroid supplement.


on October 09, 2013
at 08:57 AM

If magnesium deficiency is a common contributing factor, by all means supplement. Studies have shown that soil much of the world over is depleted of magnesium, and thus even foods that should have magnesium in them may have less than they "ought to".

I wonder also if vitamin k2 would help. I'm afraid I don't know enough about your specific problem, but studies have shown that vitamin k2 supplementation can help get calcium deposits out of soft tissue and into bone. I believe this has mostly been associated with vascular calcium deposits, but I would have thought it could extend to other areas. Basically, it seems to help get calcium where it needs to go!

Frankly, I am not a scientist or an expert of any kind - I'm just passing on what I've heard. Hopefully someone with some firmer knowledge in this area will come along and clear things up.

FWIW, I believe that vitamin A and D must also be at the right levels for all this to work. So consider supplementing these too, or getting more sunshine and regular doses of liver.

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