Adrenal fatigue of the low cortisol variety

Asked on September 03, 2013
Created September 03, 2013 at 7:21 PM

I've been diagnosed stage 3 adrenal fatigue with low cortisol. Everything I read or am told is a blanket recommendation for AF. Most often, it speaks of what to do with high cortisol. So I've tried no caffeine for a month, no alcohol for a month, Low carb paleo diet, no dairy or fruit, sleeping a lot (actually took a 30 day LOA from my PT job), gentle yoga/meditation, walks/easy hikes, increased supplementation, adding salt to water, avoiding wrong foods like high potassium foods (like coconut water), light weightlifting then no weightlifting and have had absolutely no change. I would think with all those life changes, I might feel a tad better but I feel the same or worse (now have bruxism as a very recent development). What gives? Am I doing the wrong things for low cortisol? Should I be drinking coffee, eating carbs and running a 5k daily? Did I get a BS diagnosis?

History: long term use of BC pill but off it for 2 years. Hormonal irregularities started sometime after 6 months off the pill. Had a painful neck injury in the same timeframe. Prescribed a short 10-day course of prednisone with injury. Rested a lot, didn't lift weights or do anything but bike and swim while rehabbing injury because biking and swimming was not painful. Never fully recovered from injury. Would feel good, lift weights and then be in pain for a week after. Saw chiro who helped a lot with the neck issues, but still do not recover from exercise. Even now dealing with some tennis elbow pain despite not doing upper body exercises for weeks. Do lots of mobility which helps briefly. Take fish oil for inflammation and have a low inflammation diet overall.

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