1 year on Paleo/Primal do I need a leptin reset?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 29, 2012 at 10:20 PM

I have been reading about leptin reset and now am not sure if I need it. Yes I am overweight and the weight is not falling off. over the past 3 weeks I have been under alot of stress due to my job (company) going into bankruptsy and we should have the answer in two weeks if we are to come out of it and survive. then my husbands company gets sold....it will also be about two weeks before we know what happens to his job....I have muscle tension in my shoulders and my back constantly feels like it needs to pop. I have been trying over the past few days to get myself to bed at a reasonable time but I have a job where I am on call at night plus I have been working days in the office as we had two people quit...so I am not getting 6-8 hours of solid sleep ever. my meals seem to be the same but I want to up my protien and I have been too tired to walk what I would normally walk. a month ago I started jogging very slowly. i felt good then I started this crash were I am tired all the time. I tend to think is more of a cortisol/stress issue but I am not sure what to try. I havent gained but I havent lost and the weight isnt shifting like in previous plateus....Suggestions?



on March 01, 2012
at 08:53 PM

simply going Paleo doesn't work for everyone--even if there are studies that show it's efficacy. Sometimes we have to try things that will inspire said research.



on March 01, 2012
at 05:25 PM

Where are the studies that show the efficacy of a "leptin reset"?


on February 29, 2012
at 11:22 PM

Sorry to hear you're having such a stressful time Theresa. Hopefully you'll be out of the current uncertainty in two weeks - hang in there!

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on February 29, 2012
at 10:34 PM

One of the upsides to the Leptin Reset is that it's not risking much. You aren't buying a bunch of stuff, or really doing very much different than you are already doing.

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on February 29, 2012
at 11:34 PM

Sorry for all the stress - I can't imagine how stressful the anticipation of changes to both you and your spouses work situations must be.

I would say to get through this tough time before you go changing your diet, as it may just add more stress to you than you need for the next 2 weeks. I think that you should go and do your normal walk, even if you feel to tired to do it - it will make you feel so much better to get some fresh air and get moving a bit.



on February 29, 2012
at 10:43 PM

I think you answered your own question, it's cortisol/stress in the short term.

The answer to do you need leptin reset depends on your leptin status. Kruse gets it from rT3. Hardly anyone gets the test! There is a leptin test too. Kruse said last year, if you are big, you need it. I dunno, could be right.

Depending on who you ask, high rT3 indicates a leptin problem, or it indicates a thyroid problem-possibly a complex one. Books like Mastering Leptin discuss it as a leptin problem. My thyroid/hormone dr saw the high rT3 in 2007 and said it was due to a synthetic thyroid I was taking called Synthroid.

Either way you look at it, the food side of the approach is about the same! Kruse's leptin reset (temporary 2-week thing), and Mastering Leptin's diet are big protein in the morning. My dr had me do the first phase of South Beach which is less fat, more lean protein, very low carb. It worked, but I got meds too so its not that simple.

I read a lot of positive stories last year when leptin reset went viral. Was it real? Who knows? Take a sample of people, say "stop what you are doing and do this" and things happen. I'm not convinced we have the right explanations, but things did happen. Similarly, should I believe my dr that says high rT3 is due to bad medicine, or the leptin folks that say its a leptin probem?

I guess that was a long way around to say "see what happens." I would still work on sleep/relaxation first.

BTW-I tried the leptin reset even though I've been on meds since 2007 and usually rT3 tests are fine. It ha been a while and I had a tough year, at the dr a lot...So I try it and didn't notice much except I gained 10 lb. :) This was 2 months before I got tests, and rT3 and leptin were very low. I was trying to tweak something that wasn't broken.



on February 29, 2012
at 11:32 PM

Sorry for you stressful times Theresa. I think worry is your main problem and simply telling you to relax and that it's not the end of the world will do nothing to help.

Only time will help, when perhaps your company will pull itself out of disaster with a bunch of motivated employees whose best interest is to help the company survive. Maybe even if your husband's company lets him go something better will turn up right away. Sometimes disasters lead to better circumstances if you are open-minded.

Despite all that, I can't see any harm in trying the leptin reset. It will give you something helpful to focus on and it may break your stall.


on March 01, 2012
at 04:53 PM

Sounds like you need a good pick me up. Associating emotional problems with food isn't good. However, sometimes we need to break the rules. Coconut milk ice cream makes me happy from ear to ear.Its full of healthy saturated fat and low in carbs/sugar. Don't jog, it may even be healthier just to give yourself a break. Get a good book, curl up and relax. Sometimes we need to ride out the storm. Meditation, yoga and a whole foods diet will keep you going:) Good luck girl!

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