Can Popcorn hold more antioxidants than fruit?!

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 26, 2012 at 2:27 AM

This has to be clutching at straws! These scientists are claiming that popcorn hold more antioxidants than fruit. How can this be possible? My understanding is that corn doesn't have any real nutrients at all? But these guys seem to think its full of polyphenols. Would you eat it?




on March 27, 2012
at 01:56 PM

We do the same, Dave S. Coconut oil cooked popcorn doesnt stink up the neighborhood either. I stocked up on the coconut oil when I went Paleo, my wife who doesn't care too much about it read up that theaters used to coconut oil before they were harassed into using rancid vegetable oils. She cooks her popcorn with coconut oil all the time now. And I can't keep my hands out of the bowl when she does. ;)



on March 26, 2012
at 07:38 PM

I made some popcorn this weekend. cooked in coconut oil and drowned in butter. Man, that was some greasy goodness. And I felt pretty good afterward - not like the movie theater or microwave bag crap that makes my stomach hurt. Not optimal, but a nice treat.

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3 Answers



on March 27, 2012
at 03:59 AM

Here's my favorite sentence from that article.... "One serving of popcorn will provide more than 70% of the daily intake of whole grain."


on March 26, 2012
at 02:48 AM

Beans and wheat have "nutrients" as well, but I don't consider those particularly healthy foods. Boxed, sugared cereals have added vitamins, but it's hardly healthy.

Force-fed and chemical-laden animals (CAFO) have iron and protein, but I wouldn't consider it healthy.

Just because something has nutrients(!) doesn't mean it fits well into a healthy eating plan. But I admit I love popcorn, so if you really want some corn, I don't think you'd die. I love corn, black beans and lime on salad with chicken sigh...I would eat massive amounts of it pre-paleo.



on March 26, 2012
at 04:14 AM

All grains have nutrients, the problem is that they have anti-nutrients as well. Particularly problem proteins high in proline (prolamines) which are hard to digest, and contribute to leaky gut etc.

That's why traditional cultures did extensive soaking, cooking and fermenting - to reduce the anti-nutrients in order to get the nutrients

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