Paleo remedy for oil burn

Answered on October 08, 2014
Created September 19, 2010 at 11:16 PM

I just burned my hand with some smoking hot coconut oil while not being careful while cooking. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations that might help with the healing process or pain.

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on October 08, 2014
at 02:28 PM

teatree oil

Burns - Being a non-greasy and volatile oil, Tea Tree Oil is excellent for burns. Any of the oil which has not been absorbed within 10 minutes will evaporate, allowing the skin to breathe. Speedy treatment is essential. The burn should be put under cold running water or packed in ice for one minute. Then, alternate applications of Tea Tree Oil and cold water for ten more minutes. The oil may be poured from the bottle directly over the burn. The oil can be applied liberally twice daily for three to four days if necessary. 

aloa vera plant

Aloe Vera gel: The clear gel that fills the thick leaves of the succulent Aloe vera plant from Africa is a superior home remedy for burns, so useful that you ought to keep a potted aloe plant in your kitchen to have available in case of an accident. To use the fresh plant, cut off a lower leaf near the central stalk, cut off any spines along the edge, split the leaf length-wise, score the gel with the point of your knife, and apply it directly to the burn. It will soon soak into the skin and provide immediate soothing relief. Use it on sunburn, thermal burns and any areas of skin irritation or inflammation. You can buy aloe products in drugstores and health food stores, but some have too little aloe to do your skin much good. Read labels to determine the percentage of aloe gel in the formula and choose products with the most.


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