Looking for a good leeks recipe

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 01, 2012 at 9:11 PM

I got some leeks in my organic veggies box this week. I never know what to do with them and everything I try never turns out. Leeks in quiche bleh.

Anyone have any good (and easy) recipes for leeks?

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12 Answers


on April 01, 2012
at 10:54 PM

I make a pretty good leek and potato soup, if you do potatoes. This is the recipe...

2 leeks, sliced 6 potatoes, diced 2 carrots, diced 1-2 celery stalks, diced 4 cups of chicken stock spices to taste (I usually just use salt and pepper) Cooked Bacon, diced Frozen Peas Butter

Melt desired amount of butter in the bottom of large pot (I use 1/2 a stick). Throw in leeks and saute until tender. Add potatoes, celery and carrots. Saute 3-4 minutes. Add chicken stock and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are quite soft. Place in blender in small batches and puree. After all is pureed, put back in your pot and add the bacon and frozen peas. Mix well and serve :)

I like this once in a while. It's a lot of potatoes, so we don't have it too often, but it's very satisfying and delicious, especially when the wind is blowing 50 mph and it's snowing buckets!



on April 01, 2012
at 09:32 PM

I cut them into 'rings' then sauteed with bacon add a splash white wine and pour over meaty fish fillets in individual foil packets and cook sealed in the oven about 30 minutes, my favorite!



on April 02, 2012
at 08:35 PM

I make leek cabbage soup. It's similar to potato leek soup but with cabbage instead. Add 1-2 leeks to a head of napa cabbage, ~1/2 cup chicken broth, sa few tbs of some fat (I use coconut oil), and 1 Yam if interested. Pressure cook for a few min, blend in immersion blener, add salt and pepper and you're done. Can be done in 10-15min with the right tools. You could do it in a pot too but would take longer.



on April 02, 2012
at 09:51 AM

I julienne them into thin strips and julienne red peppers and sauté them together in EVOO and use as a bed for grilled or broiled fish. Everyone thinks it's just the thing.



on April 02, 2012
at 09:28 AM

Saute sliced leeks with sliced mushrooms in a generous glob of bacon fat

When soft add 1 bunch parsley chopped, and as few or as many chopped dandelion greens as you like. (My yard is full of them this time of year because I am a lazy gardener, yay for free food!)

Then finish with salt, pepper, and juice from 1/2 lemon

I think the lemon juice is what makes the dish work so well, but you could sub vinegar.

My husband who hates both mushrooms and dandelion greens gobbled this up and said he loved it.

Makes a nice easy side dish for eggs with bacon, or a just a hunk of meat.



on April 02, 2012
at 05:58 AM

Serve lukewarm with vinaigrette and chopped hard-boiled eggs.


on April 02, 2012
at 03:28 AM

Sweet potato and leek soup is delicious, if you don't mind higher carb!



on April 02, 2012
at 12:41 AM

All good suggestions here, you really can use them just like you would onions or shallots.

My tip is cleaning them, they grow in sandy soils and get grit in between every single ring. So cut them into rings and put them in a large bowl of water. Swish it around a little to get a good rinse, then let them sit for a minute to let the sand fall to the bottom. Skim them off the top onto a towel and you're all set! Enjoy!



on April 02, 2012
at 12:15 AM

Keep it simple. The greens are for soup. The whites are for sautéing. Soup: chop and rinse the green parts boil until tender and drain but save the liquid. Puree the greens (I use an immersion blender) and add liquid back to a consistency you like. Add butter and/or heavy cream if you take dairy and sea salt. Nothing else. It's pure heaven. The whites are perfect in white wine and butter. You can put them on chicken or eat them alone. If you don't want to use the whites separately, use the whole thing in soup. I live on leek soup most of the year.



on April 01, 2012
at 11:15 PM

I'm up to my ears in chard right now, and I recently made this: http://rikishore.com/2011/03/swiss-chard-with-braised-leeks-and-garlic/ Uses two leeks and it was really amazing!

Also, anytime you make a stew, replace the onions with leeks and make your stews 50% more amazing.



on April 01, 2012
at 10:07 PM

I had the same problem. Make lamb with leek, orange, rosemary sauce. Here's the awesome and simple recipe: http://tmblr.co/ZjGBZyH_swFE

You can also slice and use in a stir fry. I'm currently trying to find some kind of leek/turnip soup recipe...like a paleo potato leek. I'm sure one exists!



on April 01, 2012
at 09:58 PM

Leeks are used to replace onions in many dishes, used like shallots. As an ingredient it can be added to braises, stews, soups. It can be broiled and pan seared - used in anyway garlic is used. Outside of making a soup ( with potato or tubers, chicken stock and parsley ) it is rarely used as the main ingredient. More important then following recipes is to learn methods of controling heat thru a pan, pot or tray/sheet. After a slow braise of a shank, add a few rings of leeks- the green section (the whites hold a lot of dirt- the gree section is very tight) to the bottom of the pan and heat/boil down the liquid and make a nice jus to pour over the lamb or pork shank. Great with fish- add sliced leeks to the bottom of the pan, cassorole dish or dutch oven, add some wine palce fish on top and bake for a short time. Once you nail down a few methods - cleaning out the frig makes great meals.

Looking thru all my cookbooks and I have about a hundred- many of the leek dishes use some non-paleo ingredients like wheat flour or a pasty crust or diary but it pairs well with fish and this one real quick;

Saute some chicken livers until almost done- remove from pan, saute the sliced white part of the leek for about 10 mins, add Ch Livers remove from white- add a sp[lash of white wine some butter back on heat low for about 10 mins Here you can add a few section of endive or artichoke or mayube a half baked sweet potato to plate.

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