Best way to brown grass-fed ground beef?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 16, 2011 at 9:34 PM

Low (heat) and slow, or high and fast?

And, when to stop? When the beef is just browned, there's a good amount of grease in the pan, which gradually cooks off. Stop cooking when it's still greasy, or wait until that has been cooked away?

EDIT: The ground beef I use is usually around 85/15.

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4 Answers



on November 17, 2011
at 03:49 AM

I'd encourage you not to overthink this process. It's browing meat. It doesn't get much easier. Turn on the heat. Throw it in the pan. After a time or two, you'll figure out what works for you. You will have to try really hard to under- or over-cook it.



on November 16, 2011
at 10:13 PM

In a pan. ;) General rule of thumb -- heat the pan first, then add the fat and/or whatever you plan to cook. Works for just about everything. For meat, I always start hot, and reduce the heat as things begin cooking. Ground beef can take a good amount of heat, as long as you keep it moving -- if you're in the middle of other prep work, or if you're at risk of other distractions, turn it down -- cooking it slow won't hurt it. It'll just be slower. Bottom line is you can always cook food more -- but you can't uncook it if it's overcooked or, worse, burnt.



on November 17, 2011
at 07:38 AM

A very hot pan, do not crowd the pan, and brown it fast. Do in batches if pan isnt large enough. After that i transfer the meat to dutch oven and simmer it slowly with stock and other stuff, vegs and spices.



on November 16, 2011
at 09:37 PM

Varies by cut of meat (see the very similar thread going on now.)

If fatty, slow-cook with bone broth or fry in its own fat at medium-to-low heat.

If very lean, slow-cook with bone-broth or fry a couple pieces of bacon and cook the grassfed beef in the bacon fat.

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